Inferno vs Citta Rosa

  1. I've been offered trades for an inferno gioco and a citta rosa gioco. I can't decide which one to take :confused1: I love inferno, it's my favorite print, but I also love Citta Rosa. I have the following in inferno: zucca, denaro, caramella, but I only have CR in zucca. Should I expand my inferno collection and get the gioco, or add to my CR collection?
  2. Well, since you have so many inferno pieces, I'd get the CR gioco~~ Those are kind of rare, and on eBay they usually go for a lot.
  3. as much as I love inferno, if I were u I'd go with the citta rosa giocco,its pretty and like dancing nancies said above they are hard to come by
  5. what are you trading?
  6. I love both prints too but yah since you only have 1 CR piece right now, I'd say go with the CR gioco :biggrin:
  7. i vote for CR gioco
  8. That's a tough call... Putting the fact that you have many Inferno pieces already, which do you think has better placement? If they're both equal in your "cuteness" or placement factor, I'd say go with CR.
  9. Citta Rosa is rarer than Inferno? I thought it was the other way around. They're about equal in placement :smile:
  10. cita rosa for sure.. :smile:
  11. Cr!
  12. funny that this came up because i saw 2 cr giocos at target yesterday. i'd say go with whichever one you think you'll wear more.
  13. Citta rosa is my fave print its so pretty, however since inferno is a lot harder to come by these days in comparison to citta rosa (i havent seen an inferno gioco around but have seen 3 CR giocos) i think it would be good to get your fave print, inferno :]
  14. I say CR since you have less items in that print than Inferno if they both have equally good placement.
  15. CR! Since you already have some great inferno pieces