Inferno Tokidoki Campeggio for $50???

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    I've been at
    i've been wondering if this could be reliable beacuse the shipping from China to the USA will be $50 and that will be $100 in total
    Have any of you had any experience with dhgate, and if it was good.
    Is this too good to be true?
    Just to mention, there is a vacanze campeggio I want too but its $75 in total with shippin and stuff so is this too good to be trues either?
  2. I checked out the site and it looks like some of the pictures were taken from a seller on eBay....and some of the posts say they do me, the whole thing looks like a total scam.
  3. Yeah.. the fact that it says " 2)The coping and AAA+ quality" sounds scamtacular.
  4. Many of the bags listed on that website are fake, and of the ones that are real, almost every single photo is stolen from eBay listings. I even see some photos that are watermarked with reputable sellers eBay ID's (looks like they've stolen MANY of Cozy Little Shop's photos). This means that you will definitely NOT be getting the bag shown in the photo, and most likely will be getting a fake.

    For those of you who sell on eBay or LJ, you might want to scour that website for your photos...looks like they've stolen from many people.

  5. "AAA" is a term used internationally to grade the quality of fakes and replicas. AAA is top notch, meaning closest to original, differences are not normally detectable with the untrained eye.