[Inferno] Something very strange that I noticed in class today...

  1. ok, so i was sitting in my psychology class... very bored and tired (because i just came back from the doctors and had my blood drawn). i was staring at my inferno zucca and i noticed that the watermelon eatter is like yellow... but his legs are BLUE! why? O.O; anybody else notice that? >_> maybe i'm just too bored/weird or something lol
    zucca back.JPG
  2. Maybe he's wearing pants?? I don't know! :lol:
  3. his legs/pants look white to me from the pic lolz...when i go home i shall check out my inferno...lol
  4. oh i was gonna say that too. he looks like he got white legs! i just checked my caramella.. aw he aint on there..---ok report back jess lol
  5. His legs are definetly a different color. I think he's wearing pants. Although not many others are. hmm...
  6. Yeah I always thought he was just wearing pants.
  7. Hehe, he found the one pair of pants available in hell... everyone else is stuck with diapers. :p
  8. LOL I always saw white (not blue) and I just thought they were pants! The bunny/vampire bats have shirts and the pink demon girl baking brownies is wearing an apron! I guess they just got lucky ;)
  9. Hee hee, I bet it's a coloring mistake!:graucho: Someone forgot to cut the part of the printing screen that would color his legs yellow...j/k, maybe he is wearing pants. I would assume so as well.
  10. Some of the devils are wearing their tighty-whitie underpants...and some I think just have a zip-up devil suit. So maybe he snagged the only pair of pants! :lol:

  11. LOL! so that little devil got the only pair of paints in hell huh? how lucky!

    to be honest i thought it was a coloring mistake. i didnt think he was wearing pants because none of the other ones have pants xD

    (my eyes are playing tricks, looks like white with a hint of blue)
  12. You're right, after inspecting my Inferno, I think he is wearing little pants... they are definitely a different color (and not white).

  13. see!!!! *points* they are slightly blue-ish!

    i really wonder if those are pants though lol
  14. Maybe he is forced to wear tights for eternity? lol!
  15. ^ spandex? xD