inferno nuvola

  1. hello ladies...and occasional male,
    i've decided since inferno is my absolute favorite that i need to get an inferno nuvola. (even though it's quite possible that i will look completely retarded wearing it) i've seen a couple pictures of members wearing nuvolas, but i was wondering how placement looks on inferno nuvolas. i was hoping you guys had some pictures of your inferno i can figure out how i should request placement on it. (if i can still get one) usually i reference placement from pics i find with great placement so yeah, help an addict out.

    also, do nuvolas look really weird on short people? cause i'm 5'0 so i dunno how that would look. i don't want to look like david the gnome sans point hat.
    i'd really appreciate your help and pics!

    -wooooooooooooah dinosaurs;)

    p.s. i realize soon after my "i will look retarded wearing it" comment i followed it with "i've seen a couple pictures of members wearing..." i didn't mean that i figured i'd look retarded based on pictures that members have posted. it is based on my weirdness alone. hehe, i just didn't want anyone to read that and think i'm a big jerk. ooops. thanks.
  2. :roflmfao: lol!

    here is a picture of one:

  3. thanks xkaokaox!!
  4. I'm 5'2" and I can't really use the nuvola because the strap doesn't shorten enough to fit me. It's really loose around my body and it hangs down really low. I'd suggest trying to find it in a department store so you can test it before you buy one.
  5. yah I'm pretty short too (5'1") and I have a nuvola but I haven't used it yet. I agree that fits loose around the body. I've shortened the strap as much as it could possibly go and it's still loose.
  6. Yeah, this is one style I really think you need to try on before buying. It seemed really cute to me, but I just did not like it on me once I bought a Citta Nuvola and I ended up having to sell it. If there's any way for you to try it on first, I'd recommend that.