Inferno More Popular Than Paradiso??

  1. Looking at the inventory list from the outlets, seems that the Inferno print is more popular than Paradiso. Especially Inferno Ciao Ciao, seems that most have/are looking for Inferno Ciao Ciao.
  2. I like inferno better because all the babies on paradiso kinda bug me... I still had to get one with the blue haired punk kid, but ah well :p
  3. i think it depends on the person. i used to mind all the babies (nekkid!) all over paradiso, and my favorite is still the only one wearing clothes :p but i've grown to loooove paradiso so much, especially after i got my zucca (unexpectedly, i wasn't in the market for one at all).

    for me, all the red guys on inferno kind of ruin it for me. my favorite parts of that print are the pink ipod girl and the tree of life with the yellow ipod girl, but seeing all that red makes it look cheap to me (even if it sooo isn't, considering what a sought-after print it is these days). i guess i got lucky with my bella, because it has my girl in the center of the zippers and on the backside it has the vampire bunny/bats and not too many red guys at all. :biggrin:
  4. I like paradiso better...idk I think it's more appropriate for everyday use than an inferno, but dont get me wrong...i love my inferno bag too lolz. But, some people think paradiso is too preference.
  5. I think also because inferno is darker, so it don't get dirty easily and go well with lots of different outfits/colors.
  6. I'm not a fan of pastels, so although I think Paradiso is cute to look at, I prolly wouldn't carry a bag in it (same goes for L'amore - very pretty, just not my style).

    My Inferno Gioco, however, I am in complete LOVE with. I love red in general, and the colors on Inferno are gorgeous, even before you start looking at the individual characters.

    :heart::heart:How can you NOT love a baby devil in his tighty whities?? :heart::heart:

    I feel a need for more Inferno bags. Not good. :wtf:

  7. Well, I personally would choose Paradiso(Cause it's more bright, and I'm more of a bright person xD) over Inferno; although, I luvv Inferno !!!! I need a Ciao Inferno T__T I would say Infernos are harder to find now-a-days though.
  8. I never thought too much about the inferno until I saw it IRL and I adore the print. I especially like the blue soccer devil.
  9. you could never go wrong with this print. every print placement is adorable.
  10. I love my Inferno campeggio. I think everyone has a preference, some like angels and some like devils...
  11. there are lots of red guys on the inferno... but cmon they are devils xD

    i think the paradiso print is cute... but personally not for me... i dont wear lots of bright colors so it would look too "loud" on me... but i like reds/whites/blacks so Inferno is a great one imo ^__^

    @SisterBlue: hey i like the devils in tighty whities! :roflmfao:

    also... my sister says "dont wear ur inferno bag out too often, people will think your into satan or something" :roflmfao: how can something so cute be bad!?
  12. Inferno is my absolute favorite print. I love each and every character on it, even if the vampire bunnies and ovens are my favorite. I love that it has 2 ipod girls, 2 ovens, and 3 bunnies so getting a good placement isn't TOO hard. My zucca has the best placement ever, with the pink ipod girl, a devil oven and a vampire bunny right on the front. One side is all sorts of red, the other doesn't have much at all. Best of all worlds :biggrin:

    Paradiso is cute...but I only like a few of the characters. I'd only consider buying a small bag in Paradiso, with my favorites on it.

  13. :roflmfao:hahaha, my hubby says the same thing..."DON'T USE YOU DEVIL BAG TO CHURCH"
    too funny! Even if I only have bocce inferno it has the best characters on it.
    MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS: IPOD GIRL& ADIOS BRUSHING TEETH (who knew they brush their teeth down there :smile:.

    i love both paradiso and inferno, but LOVE LOVE the Paradiso cause some characters remind me of my kids.
  14. I like both prints but I have to admit I prefer inferno because it's a cute kind of evil ... and it's darker so dirt doesn't show as much :biggrin:
  15. :roflmfao: its so cute... you should bring it anyways haha. and yes they do brush their teeth down there! because the little red devil in the whitey tighties is brushing its teeth too haha~

    @toki: your inferno zucca sounds so perfect :drool: