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  1. there's an inferno mamma mia (which i'm wanting) on e-bay right now, seller being something like suesuperb. i'm so bummed/slightly irritated... i wrote her about a week ago asking her to post a photo of the front since she just has the back. she wrote back saying to check back the next week. i write her again and she says it's a "stock photo" and to just tell her the characters i'm looking for and she'd let me know if it was on the front. what kind of ******** is that? *lol* i had the same kind of run-around with her before, where she said she wasn't in the same location as her bag so she couldn't take other photos... grrrr. just a vent. :hysteric:
  2. If she says she's not in the same location as the bag, I wouldn't trust her.
  3. I had posted somewhere else about her. There was a denaro I had wanted a few days ago. It was $45 without the qee? The pic looked authentic but no qee? So I had reservations about it. I asked her if it was brand new then where is the qee?? Well, she emailed me back and said that for $85 I could have the denaro with the qee. I couldn't believe that! So you're telling me I have to pay an extra $40 just to get the qee! I told myself to forget about it! :cursing:
  4. oooh sorry to hear that maya...idk i bought from her and i got exactly whats on the picture? ... i just find it weird that she has her stuff somewhere else...

    blackwidow: yeah i saw a couple of playground wallets going for $45...but nah i didnt want denaros cuz i dont think i'd use them... are you serious? $45 for a qee? gimme a break man...its supposed to come with it. well ppl have been buying her $40 i guess she knew she could make money out of it...
  5. I wouldn't trust a seller who's sooo into making money and with obviously no tinge of 'customer service' whatsoever!
  6. Well, I don't know about if I'd get what's in the picture or whatever... For me, it was, "Why can't I see what the front looks like??" What seller takes a photo of the BACK instead of the front if they were to post an ad?! And I was just irritated because the first e-mail she sent said to check back again, and then the second time around she brushes me off. If she didn't have any plans on taking more photos, she should have said so in the first place... I'm not going to buy the inferno mamma mia from her, but it just sucks that she's the only one selling one right now. I'd never buy a bag where I couldn't see front and back!
  7. It is kind of weird but she might not be a tokidoki fan herself and just might not understand why it matters. Someone on the forum had said they had bought from her or dealt with her and that she was nice. (Tokidokilover maybe?) Maybe if you really want it you should try again? Does she have good feedback and stuff? Maybe she has someone that works at an outlet or something that buys and ships for her? It does sound weird, but some people are just weird :smile:
  8. agreed! I have a policy that says "If you don't treat me as a customer, there's no reason I should spend my money on you!" :rolleyes:
  9. so what would you do if that is the only person on earth who had what you wanted?

    Maya: yeah i noticed that her auctions just have one pic of it...its either the front or the back...i only got the front picture....idk some eBay sellers are weird..some dont even want to communicate at all (like a few ive encountered) at least she wrote you something...i hope you get whats showing on the picture and pray that you get a good print on the otherside as well... :biggrin:
  10. unless its something very necessary that i can't live without. I wont get it. those sellers arent worthy
  11. i'm just gonna hold off for now... i'm not gonna buy her bag mainly for the fact that she gave me the run-around through e-mail. there's another inferno mamma mia on e-bay now... but it's $170!!! i'm saying "hell no" to that price. if i don't get my items for a good price, i ain't buying!!
  12. i understand what you mean...

    maya: well i was thinking stopping by at the stores here to check here for you....but i just called them and they said they are out mamma mias ...the only thing they had available was the bambino available...good luck!
  13. that's very kind of you! thank you for checking. :smile: if i don't find it (with the right placement) then i won't sweat over it.
  14. your welcome :biggrin: ...i think infernos has a good print placement all over..not unless you are looking for a particular character..
  15. my favorite characters on the inferno is 1. the red devil girl listening to the ipod and 2. the orange devil girl sitting in the tree listening to the ipod.
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