Inferno lovers! Please help me to choose inferno style!

  1. I have called to hold 3 inferno at outlet Monday sale(40% off): luna and bambino and booce.

    They don't do print placements for me. If you have the choices to get only one luna or bambino and booce two purses. Which one will you get? I like bright color, I bought L'Amore & Paradiso serveral styles. But for inferno prints, I do like but not LOVE.

    I still want to complete all the tokidoki prints. Could you help me to decide it? :heart::heart::heart:
  2. I would get an Inferno Bambino. Carries more than Bocce... and Luna is just to big to carry around for fun. xD
    I think... I answered what you were asking for. I got sort of confused... lol
  3. If its not your fave print I'd maybe get something small, like one of the bambinos.
  4. Out of the three, I say bambino. Bocce is second.
  5. bambino:biggrin:
  6. Let me make the more clearer,

    Two choices:

    1. Luna
    2. Bambino and booce.

    1 or 2?

    As you guys said, if I don't really into that prints. I need to pick a small one, but I want to get more cute characters to complete my collections.
  7. Then it's all going to depend on what you want. If you want something that has a LOT of the print, get the luna. If you want something you can use often, get the bambino and bocce.
  8. What type of bag do you think you would use more? Do you travel alot then the luna is worth the extra $$$. If not I would go with the smaller items for every day use.
  9. defintely the bambino. bocce is really really small... kinda unpractical if you ask me >_<
  10. i say 1st choice bambino, 2nd choice bocce.
  11. this thread still confuses me. anyway, i think i'd rather have the luna. but that's really strange to go from one extreme to the other.
  12. She's pretty much saying that the outlet has the luna, bocce, and bambino. So she's deciding between getting the luna, or BOTH the bocce and bambino.

    But the decision is going to have to be all her because we don't know what she's truly looking for. If she's looking for something that gives a lot of placement, she should go with the luna. If she's looking for something she can use daily or something, then she should go with the bocce/bambino combo.
  13. I would just get the bambino, instead of the bocce and the bambino because having two bags in the same print and almost the same size if you won't even use them (because its not your fave print) doesn't seem as practical, but that's just my opinion.
  14. I would go for Option 2. I would save a Luna for a print that I really like.
  15. I agree w/ you Maya :biggrin:

    Though if I had a choice I'd choose the bambino only rather than both w/ bocce (too small for my needs imo)

    Rachelinla: How were you able to place a hold on your items?? They said they told me thats not allowed :cursing: which outlet did you call???