inferno in northern ca?

  1. does any one know if there are any places selling inferno in northern ca- sf area? doesn't hurt to ask right?
  2. lol... no it doesn't hurt to ask :biggrin: but just forewarning that there are a LOT of tokidoki lovers in cali ;) if there's anything in retail stores they'd know
  3. jacdo - I have not seen an inferno in stores in norcal in a LONG time. at least, I haven't seen them in any of the bigger stores like macys, Nordies, bloomies, and metropark.

    there may be some small stores that still have some stock but I highly doubt it. tokidoki goes FAST around here.... hehe.

    I know there was a small store in stockton that carried a little bit of tokidoki, and someone recently posted about a store in san jose that carried it too, your best bet is places like that.. although these two are the only ones I know of in the area (that aren't the bigger chains I listed above)
    here are the links:

    what are you looking for? you might wanna call the outlets, sign up for the LJ_shoptokidoki forum, and scour eBay.

    good luck!
  4. thanks. i guess i really just want a zucca...haha. something about the ovens jsut get me everytime.
  5. i saw Inferno at LAX >_> but only in canguro. and maybe one bella... iono