Inferno handle/hardware color?

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  1. What color should the canvas handles, etc be on Inferno bags? How about zipper pulls, rivets, etc?

  2. The handles on the inferno should look dark gray? (not sure if thats the right name color but thats what it looks like on mine :lol:) I know its not black and the zipper pulls & rivets are like matte silver but not shiny like the paradiso...

    did you buy a bag that might look odd to you? if so post it up :biggrin:
  3. zipper pulls and rivets are like a matte silver and the piping handles is a dk greyish brown color
  4. I'm looking at this one:

    I didn't think the handles should be black, but I wasn't sure if they were brown or gray. I guess they look right in the photo.

    I wrote the seller this morning and asked for a VERY specific list of photos, LOL. I guess if she ignores me I will assume it's a fake.

    But I really want a Mamma Mia, and I really want it in Inferno. Gah!

  5. i wrote matte silver but it didnt post? ha..weird..

    oh that seller sells authentic stuff...a few us of have bought from her..her former name was superb or something like that..though her most of the stuff she sells are pricey! :biggrin: and yeah that inferno MM youre looking is real :biggrin: as for getting picture what i just remembered was that some of her items may not be located at her house? But idk for this bag??
  6. The color is kind of hard to pin down... like a smoky gray-ish brown.
  7. Exactly..what a wacky color haha! But i think yours hit the spot..
  8. Grayish brown...?? Wow, my Inferno straps don't even have a hint of brown... I would consider the color to be gunmetal gray.

    And... oh yay... that seller. *lmao*
  9. Looks real to me...and My straps are a grayish brown too...
  10. Haha. I'm staring at my Inferno MM in the sunlight now... I can see why people say it's kinda brown looking... Like the gray and brown are interwoven so you can't say it's one or the other. Inside, with my normal light, it's just gray to me.
  11. That's so funny because I've never considered the straps of mine gray at all.. just a shade of brown. I see how they're a gray/brown color, but I consider [at least mine] more brown than gray. heh
  12. Yeah, that's the one in question. I asked the seller for more photos, and got a very snotty response. She basically told me that it didn't matter, many sellers sub photos of real bags when asked for photos from buyers, and that her bags are real and if I can prove they're not, Paypal and eBay will protect me.

    She does have lots of good feedback and has sold many Tokis, so I guess if they were fake people would have figured it out by now?

    I let it go by because it's not the greatest placement for me (I really love Adios and the little devil boy brushing their teeth, and the little guy wrapped in toilet paper) but she relisted the damn thing immediately and it's just there, LOOKING at me. :cursing: :rolleyes:

    It's hard to find the Mamma Mias in general, and Inferno is the only other print I really like (until Transporto, that is!) so I really want it...but I really want one with good placement too!. :sad:

  13. I say keep looking. That's not the first time she's been "snotty." And you really have to read the guidelines about e-Bay protecting you. There's criteria. You're not just automatically covered...