Inferno ciao ciao

  1. Yey! :yahoo: My inferno ciao ciao came in the mail today. I wasn't sure about the style since it has no depth measurement. It is cute! Love the hot red lining! I still have yet to put my stuff in it and try it out. I can't do it with the hubby around he will freak out that I bought another purse! :wtf: I'm waiting on an inferno campeggio that will be coming tomorrow. Then, I'll have to decide which one I'm keeping. :p
  2. congrats!! you must post some pics!!! :yahoo:
  3. We have a digital camera still in the box. I have no idea how to use it let alone post pics on the web. :confused1: I wish I knew how. I'll have to see if my brother can help me.
  4. I have a foresta ciao ciao...I wasn't sure about it either, but it's great. I love the red lining in inferno too...and I'm excited for the turquoise lining in pirata. I'm a sucker for a bright colour!
  5. I agree Frogbubbles I love the bright linings I can't wait til I'm finally able to get a pirata love the turquoise lining.
  6. Well, I received my inferno campeggio today and it looks like I'll be sending the ciao ciao back. I really like the campeggio better it is easier to get into and fits my needs. I also received my smashbox tokidoki makeup set. I have both lip glosses now which are really pretty, the cheek tint (don't know if the color will work on me or not, it is bright) and the eyeshadow compact (a bit disappointed in the compact size it is a lot smaller than I expected wasn't too impressed). Does anyone else have the tokidoki smashbox makeup? What do you think?
  7. black widow, are you gonna sell the ciao ciao or are you gonna return it?
  8. I was planning on returning it.
  9. I have the smashbox eyeshadow quads. I don't use eyeshadow all the time just once in a while and I like them a lot...they're just a touch of color which is what I like. I had the cheek tint but it didn't show up on my face so I returned it. It looked awesome on my hand but once I put it on my face you couldn't see was weird. The packaging is super cute too so it's worth it. I wonder if when the eyeshadow is empty you can pop that little section out and use the mirror compact still?? That is my plan for it anyway!!
  10. I tried some of my makeup today. The cheek tint looks good. I'm fair so it shows up. The lighter lip gloss shade not so good. I like you don't really wear eyeshadow much at all so I haven't tried it. If I keep the set I was going to use it as more of a mirror compact as well. The darker lip gloss was pretty on me but I purchased that one separately.
  11. Well I'm glad you like the cheek tint...I thought it was :supacool: but it didn't work for me. I was disappointed but I bought it at Ulta so I just took it big deal. I am addicted to Dior lipgloss and it's got me spoiled so when I tried the smashbox lipgloss I thought it was too sticky for me. The packaging is just super's worth it for that!! :love:
  12. aww i wanted to get the dolcissma but when i went back it was sold out!
  13. You too! Here I thought it was because my lips were somewhat dry. The dolcissma one was really sticky/tacky and pale looking on me. It was awful. The drammatica one better but the lip gloss is still on the sticky side.

    Sometime I'll have to try Dior.
  14. No, it's not you, it's definitely the gloss. I used to :heart: Chanel lip gloss but compared to Dior that was sticky too!! You've got to try the'll be hooked for life!! I know I am! :love:
    Can you return the one you don't like?
  15. Yes, I will be returning the 3 pc makeup set that included the gloss I didn't like. I got it from QVC and you can return anything with them. The cheek tint was alright but I have something similar in color like my Tarte cheek stain in tipsy.

    I will keep the other lip gloss I got in Drammatica. At least I will have something from the line.