Inferno Campeggio at

  1. just checked Nordstrom's website and noticed that they had inferno campeggios available. i didn't go through the "checkout", so i'm not sure if it's just a mixup or not, but just thought i'd mention it.
  2. Darn i was ready to order it...but when i went to check out it was gone. Oh well....thanks for the tip anyways.
  3. I must have bought the only one?! There must have been a return or something, I hope it is nice...keep you posted. Thanks for posting this BTW!
  4. i'm glad it actually was available for you. congrats! i see they added a picture of the vacanze campeggio now but it's not available for order yet.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that earlier today too.
  6. uses stock photos...sometimes it will show a photo of one print but the description will say something else. Are you sure the description said Inferno? I don't think it's likely that they would change their whole website to sell one thinks it would be sent to a store or a Nordstrom Rack to be sold. :confused1:

    Good luck, though, and let us know if you really do get an Inferno!

  7. That's what I initially thought too. But it did say Inferno and did so all the way through checkout as well in the email confirmation. I am skeptical and will remain so until I have it in my hands!:shrugs:
  8. That would definitely qualify as a great find! :smile:

  9. My fingers are crossed for you. Let us know what it is when it arrives!! :graucho:
  10. Nordstrom has such a loose return policy. I think it's 180 days. So it easily could have been a return that someone decided to do when their time was about to expire.
  11. Email saying it was shipped out today...

  12. I actually think it's even more lenient than 180 days (like, i've exceeded that time frame by months and had no problem with them). They have the best return policy bar none-- they'll even take back worn shoes and stuff. It really makes up for their prices.
  13. I work at Macys', and their return policy is also 180 days, and they often take back disgusting, worn merchandise...:yucky: It really sucks being on the returning end of those transactions, because we are told the return policy (to only accept new merchandise returns) but then when we tell the customer that they get mad :cursing:and whenever they talk to a manager and get their way we feel stupid... I think it is really trashy to constantly be returning stuff after you have gotten all the possible use out of the item (or exchanging completely worn out shoes for new ones, etc)... It really sickens me to work retail after dealing with all these people. I really hope someday they understand what it feels like working customer service and constantly getting yelled at, and degraded (mostly by customers!), and being told one thing by a manager, and then getting yelled at by the same manager when we don't know to do the complete opposite.

    -sorry, retail rant... It wasn't directed at you, it just reminded me of all those really mean people that shop where I work... :crybaby:I really don't think retail workers make enough money to justify being treated like a piece of :cursing:
  14. Well, Macy's is a lot different than Nordstrom's in terms of a return policy, and I wouldn't expect to be able to return worn stuff there. But it's nice that when a pair of shoes that are fairly new are giving you blisters or are falling apart or whatever, Nordstrom will take them back without an argument-- that's all I'm saying!

    I'm sure if I worked retail, I'd be ranting too! :upsidedown:
  15. Have you received the Campeggio yet? I'm dying to know whether you managed to score an Inferno. If so, you should definitely post pics of it!