Inferno and paradiso inventory

  1. We went to the Macy's at Victoria Gardens (Rancho Cucamanga, CA) yesterday and they still have a couple paradiso bella bella, a paradiso canguro, a inferno ciao ciao, couple inferno messenger bag (either the small or medium size one - not sure), inferno canguro. They also still have pirata canguro, ciao ciao, and BV. There was a paradiso bv, and I got that. It was on sale for $120 (so that 25% off), then I got another 15%off by using my macy's card.
  2. That mall is so nice! Where are you from? I grew up in Rancho, but now live in Northern Cali.
  3. I am actually opposite of you. I grew up in NorCal (East Bay), then I got married and moved to L.A. (SGV). This was the first time we went to that mall. It's very nice, love walking outdoor.
  4. That's interesting. My family lives in Pomona. Where in the East Bay did you used to live?