Infant water survival video - amazing!

  1. this is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever also reminded me that I had a dream last night that my 2 1/2 year old son fell into a swimming pool and I couldn't get to him fast enough...I had totally forgotten that until I saw this! I think it's time to sign him up for swimming lessons. Thank you so much for sharing this!!
  2. That is really amazing. I love the ending where the baby gets 'rescued' and has a huge smile.
  3. omgosh WOW..that is amazing
  4. wow....
  5. Omg. That is amazing. I'm so surprised the baby didn't panic when he fell into the water.
  6. I panicked! I watched the video with sweaty palms and was DESPERATE for his dada to come quickly. Wow!! Amazing! The huge smile at the end made everything so sweet.
  7. Actually, when I watched this baby struggling to keep his face near open air, It made me cry a bit....I see the results of near-drownings in my hospital, and althought this was a staged video, I can only imagine what fear these little guys must endure wondering where mom and dad breaks my heart.
  8. OMG that baby is so cute. Knowing the video would have a happy ending I ddin't get worried for him.
  9. that is amazing and his face was so beautiful when his father got him in the end
  10. Oh wow that is amazing. I want to take my daughter for swimming lessons.
  11. That's incredible!
  12. This is totally brilliant . I am due my first baby xmas eve and i will definately be taking it to classes as soon as i have the green light (vaccines etc)
  13. I do think that the dad should have come sooner, but that was incredible! Every child should know how to do that! I know a 21 year old who does not know how to swim, not even float!!!
  14. That is absolutely amazing! I wonder how many children this has saved?