infant swimming lessons?

  1. I just watched this video.. and my eyes just welled up with tears.. I don't know why it made me soo emotional, but what do you girls think of this?

    I'm sure it definately couldn't hurt.. Has anyone's child been through these type of classes?
  2. :wtf: Watching that first baby was scary!!!! I don't even know what to think about all that. I'm glad they know how to float, I can't believe they left him in there for so long!
  3. Wow, I have not heard of this before. This is really amazing. Being able to do what I just saw is life saving!
    We started our son in a swimming program but its just to get him use to the water and hope he enjoys it enough to eventually learn to swim. I'd love to learn more about this technique. I hope its not too traumatic for the babies/kids to learn.
  4. I am going to enroll my 3 1/2 year old in a Daddy and me program at the local YMCA. He loves the water so much that he doesn't have any fear of it....I would feel much better knowing he can swim.
  5. All I can say is Do it, sign your baby up as soon as you can. I live in FL and so many babies drown every year from something so preventable. I met someone years ago who had his baby swimming at 6 mos. They teach the baby to right itself and swim for the edge, it was amazing. At the time it was like $300, but again, a wise investment no matter where you live.
  6. I agree with Chiara - having lived in Arizona for 7 years and hearing reports of child drownings day after day, prompted me to enroll my son the first chance I got. He will be two in two weeks and has been in swimming lessons for almost a year now.
  7. JFHAVE enrolled her child in this, Ill let her know about this post, Im sure she can add something to this. I too remember her talking about how sad it was to hear them crying but she lives in FL, precautions must be done. My one neice was also in this. they start off at a very young age.
  8. it is so important for kids to learn how to swim, and so much easier if they start young! i used to teach lots of swimming lessons (not this kind exactly, mostly with slightly older kids) and i really saw that the older a child gets, the harder it is to learn to swim and be comfortable in the water. so i say, the sooner the better! no matter where you live, your child will be around a swimming pool at some point - at a hotel, at a friend's house, etc, even if you don't have a pool at home. drowning is something we can prevent with our own kids and others by giving them swimming lessons early and always supervising them when they are around water. encourage your friends and family to do the same! thanks for posting this estella!
  9. We take our daughter to a parent & baby swim class and she absolutely loves it! Granted, we don't let her go and do any actual swimming, but she loves the water and loves the feeling of being in it, being able to kick around, etc. It's great :smile:
  10. I live in FL and we have a pool at our house. I, myself, do NOT know how to swim. My 3 1/2 year old daughter has been taking swimming lessons since 6 months. It's quite amazing to think and see that a baby can swim! I enrolled her early because I read somewhere that babies start to fear water at the age of 18 months. So I enrolled her before she can even know that fear. She now is on a swim team, dives for rings, does the back stroke, and the butterfly. It's really incredible to see a 3 1/2 year old swim like this. It started out as a safety issue but my daughter loves it so much that she just wants to swim all the time. It's a great sport too. I highly recommend getting your baby into swimming before 18 months.
  11. ^^ so I just watched the video and this was EXACTLY what they taught my daughter in swim school. Survival skills with everyday clothing on , flipping on your back and floating. Believe it or not, these are taught within the first couple of weeks of swim school. It's probably the first thing your baby will learn if he/she take swim lessons. Really incredible!
  12. My son almost drowned when he was 2, we had just moved into a new house and were in the process of putting up the final panel on the pool fence when we noticed him missing....we found him floating at the bottom of the pool. It was the most terrifying few minutes of our lives diving in, bringing him up and performing CPR.

    After that he was absolutely terrified of the water and he was 4 before he finally got the courage to return anywhere near water. Trying to get him to swimming lessons was an absolute nightmare, he would even have panic attacks when we would try to wash his hair.

    All I can say is the earlier that parents can start training their children in pool safety, survival skills and swimming lessons the better.
  13. This is definitely something all kids should know how to do and there's never a thing such as too young with this skill. My mother started taking my little brother to Tiny Tots when he was 6 months old and he could swim like a fish.
  14. That video was definitly shocking.
    My sister and i were both put in swim classes from the age of 8/9 months 9started off in the mums and bubs classes). Throught primary school we've both ahd friends who can't swim, and its always been harder for them. Especially considering I live in australia on the coast....summer is swimming and not much else!
    Definitly put your kids in swim programs when they are young.
  15. My DS loves bath time! He's all interested in his feet, he loves to splash in the water and watch his legs and feet! I think he would love the water. But..I think the water dunking part might scare him a little. When he's a little bit older-maybe.
    I took swimming lessons for a few years when I was a toddler to about the age of 6, and it helped me, so swimming lessons at some point are a good thing :yes: