Infant Sleep Positioners Pose Death Risk

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    My father cut this article out for me and I wanted to share. When my dd was 2 months she started to flip on her stomach and the nurse at my ped's office recommended that we use a sleep positioner to keep here on her back. I am sooooo glad we didn't use it!
  2. I used one of these for probably 2 months at least. Never had any issues but as soon as he was able to start rolling even just to his side and such it was gone.
  3. I always used the baby carrier/carseat as a sleep positioner when they were little. I would loosen the harness slightly, but not enough so that they could turn over. They slept SO much better being slightly elevated that way, and my dr. told me that it was safe to do. What a tragedy for those families affected by these sleep positioners.
  4. I used them w/ my kids but they didn't look like that picture! I used the positioners down by their little hips/thighs, NEVER near their shoulders/heads.
    So sad :sad:
  5. This is so tragic:sad:
  6. So sad :sad: I never used them!
  7. Yes this is the proper way to use these things. I have a friend who posted pics of her little newborn sleeping in one of these and the the side things were around her head. I was terrified for her. I instantly talked to her and told her the "proper" placement of it. I think I offended her cause she quit using it all together but at least that danger was gone.
  8. So scary . . . this and infant car seat carriers stress me out!
    The buckles go at the chest Mommas! Not the belly!
  9. I never used this. My DS wouldn't sleep anywhere but his swing the first few weeks. So sad for those families who lost their LO.
  10. tragic for the families that this happened to... we used the incline sleep positioners bc DS had a little bit of a spit up issue, but never near his head... arms went above the positioner always... he grew too big for it rather quickly, so we went to inclining the mattress & that worked better.
  11. I use one, but it has breathable mesh and my LO does not move around in her sleep yet at 4 months, but I will discontinue using it soon to be safe. Thanks for posting!

  12. What did you use to incline the mattress? DS and DD havE reflux and I wasn't sure about using a wedge or not.
  13. we used a wedge under the mattress
  14. I always thought these were pretty pointless. They have warnings on them to stop using them once your baby can roll...but the whole purpose of them is to prevent rolling! Plus, even if you put it in a safe position, young babies can wiggle enough that it could end up in a dangerous position. To me it always seemed just as dangerous as having pillows, blankets, etc. inside the crib. I'm glad they're finally warning people against using them.
  15. we just rolled up a couple towels under one end :P