Infant gains 1 pound - parents say she is fat

  1. Until I had babies, I never understand why my Mother and Grandmother are always trying to feed me. Now I understand. I feel such joy when I see my children eat! My baby boy is chubby and happy! Just the way I like him to be!

    Some people aren't cut out to be parents. I am glad her children were taken, but I hope that they are not abused in foster care. Poor babies.

    Sometimes I think about becoming a foster parent. But I'mt not sure I'd be able to give back a child. Esp back to abusive parents!

    Sick story. I hope the children get adopted by a loving family. I hope they are together!
  2. this is soo messed up and heartbreaking wht an idiot of a mother
  3. oh dear me.....i'm glad the kids are taken away before it was too late, so that they can grow properly and live. it's not good to over eat (especially for an adult), but at such young age children need the calories and nutrients to help them grow and develop normally.

    the father and mother probably both need medical help/counseling....
  4. I know this is an old thread BUT i thought you would all be interested in knowing the woman had another baby and was allowed to keep it....who knows how that turned out...

    I'm not sure why she hasn't been checked into a psychiatric ward. Like in all seriousness I hope she has been by now!!!
  5. ^^ And with her weight that low I'm surprised she hasn't had serious medical problems and was even able to get pregnant, carry the baby, and give birth. She and her husband have to be seriously messed up. It's sad really.
  6. :wtf:

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  7. It didn't end well...

    She lost custody of the third, and as of November 2011, was pregnant with her 4th :tdown::tdown:
  8. It sounds like a very rough case of post partum depression that got noticed and healed. Praying that she is being carefully monitored after her second child's birth. And hopefully, her first child was returned if she has recovered. Poor baby.
  9. Thank goodness they took the kids away. I hope the mother and father get some help. Goodness!
  10. Why does she keep having these kids if she has such body issues?? You would think the last thing she would want to be is getting pregnant and "fat."