Infant Eczema?

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  1. My two month old has just started to develop a light case of eczema...we are seeing our ped this week for his routine visit and will have an appointment with our naturopath also, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this? I'm on a really careful diet because my children are all sensitive to dairy and other foods and so I don't think its that. We also use all unscented, natural baby wash, laundry soap, etc. I use all paraben free products for myself also with no artificial fragrance and so I don't think its that either. I've started on tuna omega tablets to up my fatty acid to help so that he gets more of it through breastfeeding and have also just started on a probiotic which were both suggested in the research that I did. Any other suggestions or anyone else with experience that they can share? Thanks!
  2. I use cepitol (sp) or baby Eucerin. It really help with eczema...
  3. Is it just on her face or is it also on the backs of her knees and elbows?

    If it's just on her face I wouldn't worry too much. Newborns get a host of skin irritations and most of them are gone by 6 mos-1 yr.

    I use cetaphil wash and cream on my child who has a host of food allergies and eczema.
  4. i use cetaphil the green one for my sons face its not severe excema and its helps.. i still use it on him twice a day
  5. Infant eczema will go away when they get older. My baby has it when he was young and pediatrician recommended Elomet cream. He's 16 months old now and still has it from time to time. I use QV Kids Wash for him and found that Sebamed Massaging Oil aggravates his eczema.
  6. I use cetaphil as well! It works great :smile:
  7. My pediatrician told me that with true eczema it is not an outside environmental reaction, that eczema is just a skin condition the baby will get no matter what.

    DD uses eucerin cream and a prescription topical ointment. That's been the only thing that's helped her. But every baby is different.
  8. My daughter has had eczema since about 6 weeks old and still had it now at 2 and a half. Here's what I do - Bath her every other day using only water and Epaderm as soap. No soap or bubble bath or anything drying. Then all over at least 4-5 times a day on the affected areas with epaderm. Luckily it only effects her arms and legs and hasn't spread to her face so that's not as ardous as it seems! When she was a baby she got it in all the classic places - creases like under arms, behind knees, behind ears. Now she is older those areas have cleared up and she gets it mainly on legs and hands/wrists and creases of elbows. I held out taking her to a doc until recently and she has short courses of steroid creams for 5-7 days when it really flares up and of course it worsens if the weather is too hot or too cold. I wash her clothes in ecover and always cover her legs with leggings to stop scratching even in summer. Your little one mightwell grow out of it - her dermatologist reckons they grow out of it at either 2, 5, 7 or teenage years.

    Pursefanatic is right - it's an inherited genetic condition and nothing to do with allergies. If one parent has an autoimmune condition such as Asthma, hayfever (which my boyfriend suffers from REAL bad) or eczema then it is very likely their children will get eczema. Try not to worry too much. I haven't let it affect her too much and let her do everything else all kids do - wet play, swimming etc- and I figure there are far worse things she could have and she'll probaly grow out of it at some point!
  9. My poor DD had eczema on her 3rd or 4th month. It was all over her body and when it gotten worst (scratches her face and head all night) I took her to a dermatologist who sees infants too. Doctor told us to bathe her once a week (babies don't really get dirty or we can wash her privates when needed) and use cetaphil, instead of any soap. and keep applying aquaphor all over her body everytime we change her diapers. it does work, but she also gave us a prescription for ointments to use (a .01% hydrocortizone for face and a prescription ointment for body) to use when she breaks out.

    hope your son gets better! i know how hard it is for us parents seeing how uncomfortable out little ones are when they have eczema!
  10. my baby gets it in the winter. the dr. said to not bathe her too much (twice a week), and I use baby aquaphor on her and it works well. I am hoping this fall/winter we won't have to deal with it!

    gl!- lots of good advice from the other tpfers.