Inexpensive towels for guest bath?

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  1. I need some nice (but not expensive) bath, guest, and hand towels for my guest bathroom. I usually buy the Hotel Collection towels from Macy's, but they're pricey and don't last very long. Does anyone have a suggestion for inexpensive bath towels?
  2. check out your Marshall's

    I purchased RL towels at Bloomingdales online months ago, walked into my Marshall's and there are the towels at a 1/4 of the price
  3. I love Home Goods for things like this; check to see if you have one near you. Also any place like Marshall's or Ross would be a good bet as well. If you don't mind shopping online for your towels, is the way to go! HTH!
  4. Tj Maxx! I bought a whole set of Lacoste towels there that are super nice for about 1/4 the price of retail. I believe I have seen Hotel Collection towels there as well.
  5. Do you have a Home Outfitters? They have lots of nice towels that aren't very expensive.
  6. we buy JC penny towels, they are always on sale, and seem to last a long time.
  7. Online, I usually get sheets and towels from or In store, I like Cost Plus World Market.
  8. Try Kohls, I believe the brand I bought was called Luxury Collections. They are plush, soft and they come in a nice size bath towel as well for guests staying overnight. I haven't paid more than $13 for the bath size. If you go on the weekend, Kohls always has a sale on them.
  9. I agree if you like the Hotel collection or ones like RL, etc You can get them at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Tuesday Morning.

    Also Bed Bath and Beyond always have the 20% coupon in mail
  10. ^if you go to Bed, Bath and Beyond you can use 5 coupons at once
  11. Another for Hotel Collection - I can usually pick them up @ TJMaxx for around $6 or $7
  12. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have nice towels, but it is sometimes hard to get a complete set. JC Penney has nice towels and they last a long time.
  13. Costco has nice hotel towels for really cheap.
  14. I would go Hotel collection but at TJ or Marshall's .. good luck!:biggrin:
  15. JC Penney's is good but make sure there's a sale. I also like Ross or TJ Maxx, Marshall's etc. Target was having a sale the last time I went but all the good colors were gone.