Inexpensive Stylish Furniture?

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  1. Hello, I am trying to furnish my new apartment stylishly (well at least nicely) yet inexpensively. Anyone have any ideas? Photos of the ways you have used the furniture would be greatly appreciated!
  2. ikea!!!!
  3. dido ikea! target also carry stylish furniture, but not sure about their quality. also check out outlet locations of Pottery barns, and Crate&barrel, i've found some good sales with quality :yes:
  4. I have a few Ikea furniture items. However, the Ikea dressers usually fall apart. The bottoms of the drawers always seem to break away from frame. My DH has to constantly fix them - the last time he fixed a drawer, he actually put glue all the way around the inside of the drawer and the outside of the drawer where the bottom meets the sides. It's really annoying! However, Ikea bookcases and tables seem to hold up well.

    Room & Board has very nice/good quality furniture but it's not inexpensive. But, it's the type of furniture that will last for decades. They have a flat shipping rate, so it's good to purchase several pieces of furniture from Room & Board at the same time to save on shipping.
  5. I agree with Ikea if you 'need' new....but also, craigs list and yard sales can be great1
  6. I'd like to recommend IKEA but my experience with their products hasn't been good. While I love the designs, they just are not built to last. Most everything I ever purchased from them has fallen apart. My suggestion is to go to an antique mall. There are always great finds built to last in those malls.
  7. Ikea is definitely a great option. Although the furniture won't last forever. I have also found good sales at Pier One and World Market. Craigs List (as others have said) is a wonderful option because often people sell pieces that they simply do not want to bring with them when they move and are still in wonderful condition. I've also had great luck at antique stores (if that's your thing) and have found beautiful treasures. :smile:
  8. I want to echo this suggestion. Furniture just isn't what it used to be. At an antique mall, you can find real solid hardwood items with beautiful wood grain. Oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany...items that cost an arm and a leg if they were made today. Often times you can find full matching sets, too. Who wants the inexpensive (and heavy) veneered particle board crap when you have the alternative.
  9. I love the look of what you can get at Ikea, but you can get just about the same thing at lie...especially a cute dining table or some end tables....not beds or anything like that. You'll have to put the stuff together, but you'd have to do that with Ikea, too. It's worth a look, really.

  10. true dat. and not to mention you can bargain with the sellers too. :tup:
  11. :yes: I second this! A friend and I spent about an hour and a half yesterday in a local antique mall - solid pieces at low prices (I picked up a solid pine antique coffee table shabby chic style for $68!)

    For new stuff, try JC Penney - either online or in one of their home stores. They have some stylish pieces at 1/2 the price of those in a Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel home store.

    I also recommend checking out eBay for end tables, lamps and other decorative pieces. I got a neat-looking antiquey-looking crystal lamp on eBay for $18 including shipping.
  12. I've had no problem with IKEA stuff so far....most of it is going on 4 years and nothing broken yet! In fact, I was surprised at the durability!

    Now, my living room stuff from Target started falling apart after about 6 months....very disappointed. I mean, it was cheap, but not that cheap ($100 per table)!!
  13. I agree with Shoo's antique mall suggestion. Even the pricey furniture today is poorly made.
  14. Thanks! Where is there an antique place in Manhattan?

    Where to get a nice bed?

    Leather sofa couch?