Inexpensive rugs

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  1. Im wanting to decorate my dorm room and i really want something along the lines of a shag rug. I've been looking around and they are so expensive. I want a 5' x 8' rug. Does anyone know where I can get one that is inexpensive?

  2. One word. Ikea.
  3. ^^^ My sentiments exactly. Ikea=my favorite store EVER! Ikea=:heart:
  4. another fan of IKEA... they have great rugs at an affordable price!
  5. How much do the rugs at ikea run? We dont have one here but there is one near my school. I will have to check into it.
  6. Marshalls or TJ Maxx, you NEVER know what you'll find (but thats what makes it so fun)
  7. When I was in college I got my shag rug at TJ Maxx so check there. I got other rugs at Ikea and Target when they had all of the dorm stuff out (right about now). Targets rugs can be pricey but I remember getting one designed for their dorm line for about $39.99 (as opposed to their other ones that run in the 100s)
  8. IKEA! also recommend TJ Maxx or Marshalls home good store if you have one near you. target too!
  9. What about overstock? They often have a coupon for an additional % off and based on the review, people seem happy with their purchases. They have a good selection of rugs and reviews on them.
  10. I've seen shag rugs at Wal-Mart, for about $40.
  11. Yeah check Walmart before Ikea.
  12. ikea, walmart, TJ maxx, ross, marshalls.. all good ideas.. so is the flea market/swap meet!!
  13. i just got a really nice one at home depot for around $30. the 4x6 are only $18.
  14. Yup, IKEA. My little sis just moved into her apartment for college, and bought a huge white rug for her room. I don't know the size, but it's freakin huge and it cost less than $20. :tup:
  15. Yep- Ikea!!!