Inexpensive Marc by MJ accessories

  1. Ladies (and gents!), i was wondering if any of you have gone to any marc by marc jacobs stores where they sell their (really) inexpensive accessories... like their long wallets that range from $20 to $44, mirrors for $5, keyloops for $5, etc. I know they show pics on their websites but I wanted to know if anyone has actually bought the items. If you have bought any, been there, or even seen the accessories in real life- are they of good quality? do the wallets actually say M by MJ on them?? I was just wondering if it was worth the trip to go to NYC possibly this month just for the store. Thank you!
  2. i dont know much about the quality of the mbymj accessories, but i know you can call them and they can ship to you so you don't have to take a trip up to nyc :smile:
  3. oh cheryl, that link is perfect! thanks a lot!

    tuffcookie, that's what i'm going to do actually. i'm just going to call them. thank you :smile:
  4. i adore my quilted vinyl stuff and the key necklace. :p my sisters loved their heart compacts, quilted vinyl wristlets, etc. i use my coin purse and key loop everyday. :yes:
  5. ^^ I just got that key necklace and I love it too!

    Back to subject: Jen, if you want something specific & they don't have it, check back in a week or so. The styles sell out and get replaced really fast.

    ETA: I forgot to say, at least some of their necklaces are made in Italy (although they're not made of silver, I don't think) so they're not junky.
  6. Oh, yeah!
    I actually have. There's a MbMJ store in Provincetown, MA and I just happened to drop in. For what they are, they're really cute, but don't expect $300 quality in a $30 package.
  7. thanks so much, ladies! i've been really curious about the line since I don't live near a MbMJ store but I decided that I'm going to call tomorrow morning and hopefully they will ship it to me! :sweatdrop::woohoo::happydance:

    ( i just realized all these different types of smilies... love them!)
  8. I got a giraffe pencil sharpener as a gift from someone.. it works really well! lol
  9. i have the key necklace too :smile:

    no problem jen, goodluck!
  10. i think you can also check online. if you go to marc, there should be a section entitled "special items" that lists some of the mbmy accessories available. I have his $12 flip flops which are super comfortable. I also bought a canvas tote for $12 from there that I use everyday!
  11. We are talking about the MJ Special Items here right? I bought the quilted long wallet in metallic pearl as a backup for my lovely zip clutch. It's authentic MJ except only cheaper!
  12. ladies, thanks for all your comments!! you've helped me decide and so i just got off the phone with an sa at the bleecker street store and i ordered a number of things... i'm very excited!
  13. ^^Cool! If you can, post pics. I'd starting to really want to order some items too. A lot of those things sound like they'd make great Christmas presents.
  14. I use a keychain. It's OK quality, but I've been carrying it for 6 months and the red sparkly paint is starting to fade.