Inexpensive H protection from the rain

  1. I was tipping off another member on something to keep in her bag that doesn't take up space. I told her she would never be caught unexpectedly without protection. (unless of course the sky just breaks open and you have no time)

    In the U.S. drugstores you can pick up the 99 cent rain ponchos. They are usually clear in color and have a hood. They come in their own very small ziplock bag and can be found in the umbrella section of a drugstore. They also have a slightly better quality one that costs a few dollars more, but that will be heavier to keep in your bag and a bit more bulky.

    Stash one in each bag and when it rains...if you don't have an umbrella both you and your bag will be safe as you dash to your car or wherever you may be off too. After each use they can just be thrown away.

    Inexpensive and easy to stash....great to have on hand!
  2. Great idea Kellybag, but I haven't seen one in such a long time(I wonder if it's because I haven't been looking). Anyway, I do see them in many downpours (at least when I'm there). Thanks for the tip!
  3. great idea :yahoo:
  4. Pure Genius!!!!!!!! Great idea KB!
  5. Well...if that is the case and they are only in Florida I may have to start taking orders. What? It doesn't rain anywhere else?
  6. nowhere else does it rain :search:.

    I'll check my local drug stores and see :wondering .
  7. Great idea!!
  8. Great advice, KB. I needed it last weekend! You should have seen DQ and me dodging raindrops while carrying crocodile and box leather, respectively! We each put our bag under our clothes and made a mad dash for the mall. We looked a bit mad, come to think of it! :p
  9. KB That is a fantastic idea. I actually use the thick plastic grocery bags from a local grocery store. lol.
  10. Great idea!
  11. Great idea! I will have to do a serach for them. In the meantime, I stash one of those heavy duty black garbage bags in my bag. I may look ghetto, but my bag will be safe!!
  12. They are great to take on trips (if caught without a raincoat) as a just in case. Truthfully, if I lived in Florida I don't know when I would carry my H bag, it rains everyday!

    They sell them at the hardware store where I live.
  13. I use these as well when I am caught in a tough spot!:nuts:
  14. Thanks for sharing Kellybag!!
  15. It's a great idea, but why not use the raincoats supplied? (unless you don't have them?).