Inexpensive clutch?

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  1. I'd like an interesting looking clutch that I can bring to dinner and kind-of go with anything... jeans, pants, skirt... ideas?
  2. I picked this one up from the Coach outlets for 52$+tax, I've been seeing it go for a lot cheaper on eBay. I think it's kind of fun, but not really that formal so it would be perfect with jeans or a sundress. It's large enough to hold my lipgloss, keys, and a small sort of money/card holder (I use a MC cles, my mini skinny also fits in there).

  3. Perhaps Lauren Merkin, her's are really pretty
  4. Another interesting alternative might be to try vintage/resale shops for something "gently used" and unique.

    I bought one from Hobo International at Nordstrom's last year when I was in a pinch and was very happy with it. I think it was around $99.
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