inexpensive but still nice bedding things?

  1. Hi all,

    I need help finding a couple of things. My little cousin has just moved a couple of hours (but a ferry ride) away for university. I have been told that she's been really home sick, nothing feels like "home" to her... and she's having a hard time adjusting.

    I'm thinking of sending her over a couple of cute pillows, a new comforter/duvet, sheets and things like that.

    Her parents are great but without a lot of money and can't afford to really splurge on things like "new comforters" when she's living on res. So I thought I'd pitch in what I can.

    Any suggestions of where I can go? I'm in Canada.=)

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Does ship to Canada....if so I would check there. They have some nice high thread count things for very cheap. Also, if she is homesick, maybe some letters and cards would help too :smile:
  3. does target ship to canada? they have adorable stuff! or urban outfitters...
  4. Are there any ''Bed, Bath and Beyond'' places there? They have alot of affordable bed sets and other house accessories there.
  5. Martha Stewart from Kmart.
  6. If Target ships to Canada, check out their Shabby Chic collection - it's one of my favorites!!
  7. I ordered a set from Delias, and I'm pretty sure they ship to Canada. I found an entire set (sheets, comforter cover, shams, pillow cases) and a rug for about $80 shipped from their clearance section. I just put them on our bed, actually, but so far it's good. They have some cute stuff that would be nice for younger people. I went with the mint dot/doggie set with the "beware of dog" rug. It's cute!
  8. Hey - yeah! That's immediately what came to my mind too! Love the Shabby Chic Collection....:heart:
  9. Wow, I just looked at bedding at Overstock for the first time. They have duvet covers with pillow shams for less than you would pay for 1 pillow sham usually. The prices on sheets were unbelievable too. Free shipping on all bedding this weekend. I'm not sure about shipping to Canada but check it out. I'm trying to talk myself out of redoing the guest room after looking at it.
  10. I'm still dying for a pair of sheets that I saw the last time I was there (1.5 years ago). It was white, with pretty blue delicate flowers on it. GORGEOUS! Love it love it love it!

    Just took a look at their online selection and they've still got nice stuff.
  11. Overstock does not ship to Canada, unfortunately as I always find a tonne of stuff on there I would want. Kmart went bankrupt in Canada a few years ago.

    I'm going to suggest Winners and Homesense.
  12. Just a suggestion (but I promise, anyone can do it)... you could even go to a fabric store and make your own pillows! I'm no professional, but last year my roommates and I bought fabric for pillows for our futon and then matching curtainy-y things. I made a really cute one with green microsuede on one side, and this black with pink and green flowers on the other side. Then the curtains were the same pink.. it made the room so much prettier and happier!
  13. I've always enjoyed looking through all of the shops that are tied in with You may want to check that out. Otherwise as suggested, Bed Bath and Beyond have a great selection to choose from.
  14. i have a beautiful comforter and sheet set by waverly from target that looks waaaaaay more expensive than it actually was.