Inexpensive but nice Chicago hotels?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I thought it was worth asking here! I looked through some online sites (Orbitz, etc) but wow, staying in Chicago is expensive. I'm hoping some of you might know of a nice little place... or else this is going to be one expensive apartment-hunting trip!

    Thanks so much!
  2. They City Suites hotel on Belmont at Clark, right by the El is pretty nice and not too pricey. The same people own another building further north that's also pretty reasonable, called the Majestic Inn. BF's parents stay at that one when they come to town every year, and they're fairly discerning.
    If you don't mind a bit of a trip into the city, I believe that the Best Western and Hilton hotels in Evanston (just north of the city) are pretty reasonable, and very close walking distance to the El, making transport not too difficult.
    In what area are you looking for apartments? With more info I might be able to help pinpoint an inexpensive place to stay nearby. Chicago has some hidden inns and B&Bs that might not show up on the big sites.
  3. Sorry, local hotels are not something I"m really able to help out much with!

    Have you checked Tripadvisor? I always look there before I travel. There you'll get reviews and a general idea of still have to check up on them because I've searched before and found prices way higher and way lower occasionally...but it'll give you an idea of what you're getting through the reviews.

    I always tell my guests to stay around Michigan Ave...My bf's parents usually stay at Hotel Monaco, I don't think it could be too pricey cuz they're pretty cheap:P
  4. I recommend Tripadvisor too. I travel a lot and use that as a resource.

    Maybe if you tell us some of the more reasonable price hotels that you came up with on Orbitz, we can tell you if they are any good. You may want to try a new hotel like the James. I just passed by there the other night and had no idea it opened. The Amalfi sometimes has good deals. No very little about it but maybe the Indigo. There are also some chain hotels that don't show up on Orbitz like all the Hyatt hotels and possibly the Hilton hotels.
  5. Thank you girls so much!

    I'm going to shack up with a friend there for a few days, he'll have just moved into a new apartment just by those dates. Currently he lives with the U Chicago track team so I didn't think they'd have room for me! lol

    Thanks again, you guys!
  6. Good to hear you've already had arrangements set up. If it falls through, try or

    My favorite hotel of choice is the Intercontinental in Chicago. It's right on the Mag. Mile and alot of times they have discounts on the rooms! =)
  7. I just want to tell you Chicago girls thanks so much for being so kind and answering all my inane, naive questions! I've spoken with a few of you via PM and if Chicago natives are this nice, I know I'm going to be okay there.

    Thanks so much, girls. I owe a few of you drinks!