Inexpensive black "work bag"

  1. Hey ladies!

    Generally most of my wardrobe revolves around my brown accessories, but every once in a while I find myself needing a black bag for work. Since I won't use it much, I don't want to spend a large amount! I need something not huge, but still needs to be able to hold my planner and maybe a folder. My last resort will be the Longchamp LaPilage, but I do want to stay in that price range.
  2. Try the Longchamp Planetes collection. The shoppers are wonderful, I love mine. And it's around the same price as the Le Pliages.
  3. mat and nat have some really nice bags...not made from leather because they're "vegan friendly"...check them out!
  4. Take a look at Maxx NY (my "guilty secret" bag) and Tano.
  5. I second Tano....they have some great bags at great prices
  6. Check out Tano's Centerfold or Cooped Up models. They would make excellent work bags. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. Thanks everyone!
    I found a tano bag that I looove, just need to figure out where to buy it!
  8. Which one did you find? Thanks.
  9. Suzie Cue

    Edit: Found a few more at luna boston, so I think my problem is solved!
  10. or also sell tano...
  11. Try for the Tano or the Longchamp, I think those are fine.