Inevitable, but still creepy: someone stole my pics off the PF

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  1. Lots of coincidences.
  2. Both ebay users LittleHiccups and Little_Hiccups have sold or are selling questionable Chloe items.

  3. Ha, funny! But ive never sold a paddington satchel!! Sorry girls
  4. You must admit that this is a tad coincidental, don't you think?
  5. And littlehiccup from US is that me too????:shrugs:
  6. Let's see:

    Littlehiccups eBay user (you, correct?) has a cream colored paddy for sale right now:

    And Littlehiccups ebay user HAD a cream colored paddy for sale in which that user stole my pictures off of this forum.

    That happened 3 days after you joined tPF.
    3 days after you posted your first thread about authenticating a cream colored paddy:

    Interstinger and interestinger!!
  7. Nope. That appears to be an established member of ebay for 6 years. You have only been there for a couple of months, under either id.
  8. Yes i asked that question as i was looking at one on e-bay that did not have the darker outline. Note mine does. Yes interesting
  9. :wtf: But its still fake.
  10. :nuts: :yes:
  11. Littlehiccups, at the end of the day you have to live with yourself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.