Inevitable, but still creepy: someone stole my pics off the PF

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  1. To be honest with you if i were going to steal someones pictures i wouldn't be that stupid to have the same pf name!!
  2. NO you are confused. I AM LITTLEHICCUPS!!!! i'm not little_hiccups. I have two bags for sale, little_hiccups does not. Little_hiccups stole your pics, not me!!
  3. ^^^ Those auctions are littlehiccups' not little_hiccups'! :blink: :lol:
  4. Can you post instances where the underscore little_hiccups stole pictures?
  5. OK..My head is startin to hurt....OY!
  6. Your head is hurting????? Mine is hurting. Its not me who stole your pictures. this is really annoying just remember i am littlehiccups. NO UNDERSCORE!!!!:nuts:
  7. I will email you the eBay report I filed against eBay User "little_hiccups" in Australia. The auction for a Blanc Chloe Paddington using three pictures of a fake bag two pictures of my bag was removed after an investigation.

  8. In the auction where your pics were stolen HM, was it for the same / similar fake cream paddy? I remember, it was definitely a cream paddy...

    What's the likelyhood of that? Same paddy? Similar username? Same state, and same country.
  9. Then tell me why would i use a differant username when mine has positive feedback????
  10. ^^ I suppose it could be a form of identity fraud, but wasn't littlehiccups asking questions about your Paddy, before all of this, hmwe?

    Sorry if I've got it wrong! :shame:

  11. Well, I suppose someone might do that to protect their original username from potential negs, or even to intentionally confuse. :shrugs:

    I'm not implying that you did that, because I obviously don't know, but it's certainly possible.
  12. Sorry but you do have it wrong. Identity fraud???? Then why would i be selling items on my account now???? hmmmmm i don't know why i am letting this bother me really.:crybaby:
  13. I reopened this thread so we can try to get to the bottom of this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.