Inevitable, but still creepy: someone stole my pics off the PF

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  1. Oh, they were yours, hmwe?! :shocked:

    I wondered whose they were!
  2. That's horrible that someone would do that. I don't know, but IMO, it's coming to a point where Ebay is seriously too scary to do business. Next we'll have people trying to solicit us to no end to purchase their fakes. We must remain vigilant!:boxing: :boxing: :cursing: Fight them off so we can keep the PF safe.
  3. Did anyone else get spammed through TPF recently? It came up as a private message then took me to these fake website or something. Honestly - this is not the place to come for that kind of solicitation!
  4. I didn't get it but I think it's coz I'm invisible. :biggrin: I think it's been happening a lot! These idiots have been spamming everyone logged on! It has happened to me before, that's why I chose to be invisible. I don't know how vlad will stop this from happening. :sad: Maybe make everyone invisible.
  5. It's happening... :Push:
  6. I will be watermarking from now on too!!!
    I am so sorry to hear this!
  7. WOW, i can't believe that a PFer would do that :crybaby: You have to be a member to even see the pics.
  8. I got that pm too. I thought it was strange but then forgot about it:yucky:
  9. Exactly!! At least the ebayer (little_hiccups) and their auction were shut down.

  10. Disgusting!!!
  11. :lol:LOL thanks - i can usually figure things out once i have a play around, but Irfan listed a language of operating programs that i totally did not understand! embarrassing!:sweatdrop: :biggrin:

    So pleased the auction got pulled...what goes around and all that!;)
  12. I need to learn how to watermark my photos.. .it's the main reason I haven't yet posted a bag collection (that and I just haven't gotten around to photographing all my bags).

    But ifranview doesn't work for MACs. I need to find a program like that for my macbook.
  13. That's aweful! I better learn how to watermark before I post any more pics.
  14. I watermarked some pics!!

  15. It's bad that that's happened. But what's worse is that it was somebody HERE at tPF. Geeez...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.