Inevitable, but still creepy: someone stole my pics off the PF

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  1. YEAH!!! I am so glad that it got removed! :yahoo:
  2. I thought so too, for a short time.

    :confused1: I just tested and deleted a photo from a regular thread... so just not in tMP but he's not talking tPF in general...? You'd think Vlad might appreciate us deleting old pics to save space on the server!!

    Anyway, congrats hmwe for getting that auction pulled!!!:yes: I always love the what, who me? responses from the thieves! LOL! :supacool:
  3. We actually prefer you sue our attachment tool to upload photos, that way we don't have a blog full of red X's when you decide to clean out your Photobucket account.

    If someone wanted a photo removed, we've never had a problem removing it for them.
    I have deleted every photo someone has asked me to delete.
    We rarely delete a thread, but a photo isn't an issue now and then.
  4. Ahem, what goes on in the MP is not to be discussed here. Period.

    second, it is a pain to have to go back into threads and have to delete posts because people have either pulled their pictures down and whatnot. It really creates a mess, that is why we prefer people to post their pics using the manage attachment feature.

    If any of you want your pics replaced with new pics or pulled down for some reason in the Chloe subforum though, just shoot me a PM and we will see what we can do. But usually watermarking your pics can really help avoid having the pics stolen. I have learned my lesson the hard way as well, but try watermark all my pics from now on.
  5. Even ones with yourself in them? That's why I included myself - to show how the bag hangs and to dissuade pic snatchers.
  6. oh i'm so sorry :sad:
  7. Thanks again for your support, gals.

    It means the world to me!!

    I love taking pics but I really love that they can be used to validate other items. I won't let this person ruin that for me.

    But I do think I need a tutorial on irfanview :wacko:
  8. Glad its down now, all I would have had to do is seen the word craie and I would have been bidding.
  9. divnanata - YES! Cheaters LOVE unwatermarked body-shots because they can use them just as easily in their auctions or to send to requestors since it looks like they really have the bag!

    Jag and Swanky - sorry to cause the mods to descend! I think the original reference was an unintentional acronym typo since it was irrelevant to the discussion, which is why I questioned it. But if Vlad was saying our own ability to delete photos in the Chloe subforum or elsewhere is disabled, it's not - at least not yet. Just sayin'... :flowers:
  10. No worries blugenie! Just let me know if you ever have a request like that and I will take care of it!!!!
  11. LOL! I didn't even comment on your comment sweetie! :biggrin:

    No one in the Forums can edit/remove photos after their brief period of time, I think 5 or 10 minutes{?}
    We're always happy to help w/ that as long as it's not all the time or too many:yes
  12. So sorry this happened to you...

    I've tried to watermark my pics, but have had a hard time figuring out how to use the software with my mac. Irfanview doesn't have a version for OSX. Any suggestions for us apple-ies?
  13. That makes me even more skeptical about ebay and the designer handbags for sale on there.

    It seems that for every person who is selling an authentic item, there are 5 more who are are fakers who have the nerve to steal pictures just so they can make a profit.

    That really sucks she stole your pictures. But on the bright side, her auction got removed, right?
  14. I don't know how these scoundrels can sleep at night. Karma will get them....
  15. Not only is that scary, but down right nasty. So many rotten people in the world, Looking to cheat people any chance they get. Thats why you have to be so careful purchasing on line and always take secure measures.
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