Inevitable, but still creepy: someone stole my pics off the PF

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  1. Just so you are all aware, I just found that some eBayer stole pictures of my blanc paddy and used them in an auction for a "craie paddington".

    I am so bummed by this behavior. I mean, there is actually a person who thought enough to come to the Purse Forum, look for good photographs of an authentic Chloe paddington, and then use them in a auction for a fake bag :cursing:

    What kind of person does that???

    I don't get it.

    Anyway, my lesson is learned: I need to watermark every picture I post from now on. :supacool:
  2. That does suck, and I'm sorry to hear it. Is there something you can do about it? notify ebay, that sort of thing?
  3. I reported the auction to ebay (250095078031).

    But someone is already bidding on it!!! I contacted them as well.

    How pathetic.
  4. oh this is just horrible. It almost makes you feel violated that somebody can do this. What a nasty piece of work they are :sad:

    thank goodness you noticed it HM, I bet you just couldnt believe it when you saw the pictures :wtf:
  5. I was sooo freaked out!!

    When I looked at the auction I was like, oh those pics are so not from the same bag and neither bag is craie-- fake. :yucky:

    But then I started thinking about it. When I finally got back on line I knew exactly what was nagging at me. :P

  6. That is absolutely disgusting! :cursing:

    Thank goodness you realised and hopefully now the auction will be pulled pretty fast!

  7. I checked--the someone who is bidding on it just sold a fake cream colored Paddy last month!
  8. You'd be surprised. That's acually how I found TPF. Someone stole Star3777's pics from the Bag Showcase Forum and used them on another board as THEIR pics. The person was busted about stealing the pics and this site was mentioned as to where she got them from.
  9. :wtf: that's scary....
  10. OMG :wtf:

  11. What kind of people are these thieves?? How do they live with themselves??

    It's SOOO PETTY.

  12. ^YES!! chicbags taught me to watermark!!! :rochard: :winkiss:
  13. Wow.

    Thanks blu & chic for the tips!! I'll sepend some quality time using this for sure!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.