Ines question

  1. Does anyone know if the Ines is heavy? If it is, is it heavier than the Stam or LV MC Speedy 30? Also when did it first come out? And what colours are available in it? TIA!
  2. i can't say how heavy the ines is, but since most mj bags tend to be on the hefty side, i will venture a guess and say yes, it's heavy. its weight is most likely equal to the stam perhaps a bit lighter and definitely heavier than the speedy. i'm heading over to the mj boutique this saturday. i will try it out and report back. keep in mind though that i'm used to heavy bags!

    the style is new for the fall 07 season. it comes in black, chocolate, peanut, and bordeaux. you can see all the colors save for bordeaux at Shopbop. hth!

  3. I don't think it is as heavy as the stam. NM San Antonio had some.
  4. the ines id unequivoably without a doubt heavier than the lv speedy, just about any mj item lol, including the zc is heavier than the speedy, but that's cuz the mj bags are made with leather and it's thick, some of them even come fully lined in luxurious suede. i think it may be lighter than the stam though, it doesn't have the long chain and has a smaller surface to volume ratio.
  5. I have the Ines and it is a bit heavy but not unbearable. The new bags are lined with linen to make them lighter than the old bags that were lined with suede.
  6. Thanks ladies for your input. I still haven't gotten a chance to try the Ines out but I think the Stam is comparable to a MC LV Speedy. Its okay but once you fill it out, I'm not sure I want to lug it around for a full day. I'm gonna go to Florida and see if it comes in Bone or Peanut.

    My friend thinks the bag looks like an old ladies bag, what do you guys think? Note: I don't think my friend really gets why I spend so much on my bags either.
  7. It is a HOT bag!!:heart::drinkup::party:
  8. what?! your friend is out of her mind. that bag is gorgeous. if i saw an old lady carrying it, i would have to stop her in the streets to compliment her on her excellent and fashionable taste! seriously! i wish my grandmothers carried bags half this beautiful, so then they could eventually pass them on to me!