Ines de la Fressange Style Thread.....

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  1. My apology, closing time is 7pm. It's located at 29 FSH. I received nothing but great service at the store. And the store decor is amazing, spacious with a homely yet stately feel. I felt like I was shopping at someone's beautiful home!
  2. I'm on my way! I'll report when I get back in about a week......VIVIER here I come!
  3. Yay! Shop more and good luck at H too!

    P/S Can I stow away in your luggage LOL!
  4. Have fun! Can't wait to read your report, I have a RV visit planned myself come June!
  5. ^ me too!
  6. Ines... timesless and as chic as those Vivier shoes!!!
  7. She's been a lifelong bbf of Caroline de Monaco...I would looove to see a thread of her too, not only of her very young daughter Charlotte.....:idea::flowers:
  8. Ines.... this is the epitome of French chic...and lasting as well...
  9. Vivier was lovely, ladies! The sales associates were friendly and helpful and the boutique was beautiful! Stock was a little low but I managed to come home with a pair of Gunmetal Suede Chips flats with a silver buckle and a pair of black patent sandals with a gold buckle. COMFY!!!!!!
  10. ^^love to see pics! Do they run true to size? I'd love a pair!
  11. The sizing is TTS to little generous for me. And I have wide feet. To me, it's FAR more comfy than CL. Be it the heels or flats.
  12. Congrats! Stock was low when I was there in early March too. I wanted the zebra print flats but no size. I got a pair of cracked silver flats with silver buckle (hard choice choosing between that and the crack gold pair with gold buckle). Was also tempted by a pair of patent taupe heels with silver heels and silver buckle. Am still thinking! I already have a pair of black patent heels with silver buckle and they are my go to pair for work!
  13. Oh I adore her! She makes it look sooo effortless.
  14. LOVELY! Can't wait to see, did you have a good visit overall? :smile:
  15. J'adore Vivier! I want to see what you bough!