Ines de la Fressange Style Thread.....

  1. Duna, I'm on my way in April....I made a list too!!!!
  2. You lucky gal!!!!!
  3. On the Roger Vivier website Ines de la Fressange appears en français in a series of videos showing quirky and fabulous shops in Paris:

    There's also a delightful video of her modeling the Spring collection. She is so casually elegant!
  4. I love that she usually wears flats!
  5. Thank you for starting this thread. Ines is such an inspiration. Her style is always so classic and elegant.
  6. Vivier will be my first destination while in Paris....LOL!!!!! I would love a pair of Vivier shoes but to find them in my neck of the woods is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!!!!
  7. DUNA.....come meet me there! :nuts:
  8. Do we have this one yet? GAH! I wish I could make them so they expand larger.....I'm sorry guys!

  9. LOVE the color of the walls, too.....

    ines 2.jpg
  10. ines_de_la_fressange_personnalite_une.jpg

  11. Shoot. Now I want Vivier Flats. Darn, that Ines.
    S'Mom, can you let me know the skinny on Rv in Paris when you return?!:blush::angel:
  12. I sure will, GT. I think it's a destination for BOTH of us.....
  13. Ines-de-la-Fressan_1565821a.jpg
  14. A lovely old modeling shot.....

  15. LOVE the coral sandals........