Ines de la Fressange Style Thread.....

  1. I can't believe there isn't already one for this beautiful and stylish woman?
  2. From the Sartorialist on the right, I believe?
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  3. Sorry ladies.....I'm not sure how to make the pictures any larger.....
  4. 7138-ines-de-la-fressange-web.jpg

  5. Well, this is a start.....anyone who has photo's of Ines please add them at your leisure!


  6. 79807582.jpg

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  8. Thanks so much for starting this thread. She is my style idol. Her book is coming out in English soon too.
  9. Can't wait NAZA.....I've already pre-ordered mine!
  10. With her daughter, Nine, I believe.....


  11. Me too!!! She was featured in an article in the Spanish magazine Vanidades recently. She is insanely elegant.
  12. More......

  13. Does she still have her own clothing line? I remember going into one of her clothing boutiques in Paris ... tres chic!! [I felt like a total slob in my 'travel' attire]
  14. fressange.jpg

    No, no more clothing. Now she's the "ambassador" for Roger Vivier.....
  15. Thanks S'Mom, we REALLY needed this!!

    I had ordered her book before Xmas, but it sold out in France, so they had to re-print it and I'm still waiting for it!!!