Ineed help girls, pleeease help me to choose between these colors

  1. Hi girls, I just made a compulsive buy yesterday, an origan city, but then on coming home I wasn't sure of that color anymore, so I might exchange it. Do you think anyone of these colors is nicer? Blueberry, cornflower, blue india. The other colors of B-bags that I already have are black, white, rouge vif. Thank you so much:yes:
  2. between blueberry, cornflower and blue india.
    i'll go with blueberry
  3. OH no, why don't you like your Origan? :crybaby:i love mine. It is a gorgeous color and gets better even after you use it more. I have the Day in Blueberry and i love it too. I did not like the BI, it was too dull for me and i think cornflower blue is gorgeous also but the leather is little too veiny compare to Fall 06, unless you like that look. :graucho: Let us know what you decide.:flowers:
  4. Mmmmm I don't know, this origan is I am afraid a bit too veiny for me, sorry but I can't post pics since I don't have my camera with me....
  5. Well, you have to be happy with what you buy.;) If you think it is too veiny and you are not going to use it then exchange it. Blueberry is gorgeous but make sure you will get a non veiny one because this color also come in veiny leather too, unless you ask your SA to pick you a good one. Good luck!:love:
  6. ^veiny? :drool: :drool: sounds scrumptious!!
    But if you want to let it go, my vote also goes to blueberry as a replacement.
  7. thank you seahorse nanaz and decophile, but if I keep the origan and then buy an acqua green this summer isn't it going to be too similar to origan? Sorry for all these questions
  8. I vote blueberry!
  9. I just posted about the origan color too. I was told by the SA that the origan color was distressed. Since I was calling over the phone and could not see it in person I had no idea what to expect and started having second thoughts. I would love to see a pic of your bag when you have the time. I still love that color!

    If you decide not to keep it I personally would pick the blueberry color. :smile:
  10. i think the most versatile of the three blues is cornflower...
  11. I have both Blueberry and Blue India and I prefer BI. Maybe because I usually wear dark clothing so I want a little contrast. That said, I do love both, just BI a little more. I've never been a fan of Cornflower but I think that's because the one bag that I saw in that color had icky leather.
  12. It really depends on your wardrobe. My colouring suits colours with warm undertones and cornflower just clashes with every single blue I have, including my jeans! Now, BI looks lovely with most of *my* things.
  13. I like the blueberry.
  14. Thank you mpark, aulii, danae, glimer, roxane, meemie, all of you! I am impressed by how many of you answered, thank you for being so helpful:heart::love:.

    Aulii, in case I decide to keep the origan I promise to post pics as soon as I go back to milan (I am now in Paris), which means in about one week.

    Glimmer thank you for you comparison, it's good to know.

    I keep on thinking and thinking and I can't come to a decision. It feels strange, I usually don't have this kind of problem.
    I think I am getting confused because I know I have overspent, and this is making me confused

    What I think I will do (if I don't feel too embarassed) is that I will go back to the shop, and look at all the colors again.
    I hope they won't think I am crazy:sweatdrop:.
  15. Blueberry all the way! It's gorgeous!