Indy - I wanna win that RACE!!

  1. I want one so badly. The fire ignited after several pit stops at the Saks pump. I have always been attracted to their ladylike yet bad girl flair. Okay - so the silver metallic was a tad too in your face, but basic chic black?! Gotta have it NOW:nuts:. And I am a Chloe person usually even though I do own two other Gucci's. The problem remains - what size to get? I am 6 feet tall like Elle McPherson who has the black leather Indy in the large size. But are large sized bags on the way out? Unlike Elle, I can't toss off thousands of dollars EASILY. I am willing to go there - but only if it is worth it, if you know what I mean. The medium looks great but the large looks better on me. But large bags might look dated in another year or so. What to doooo? (Not that I have to buy anything right this minute.....)
  2. i'm small (5'2) and LOVED the large indy. i thought it looked odd on me in the medium, but that's probaly because i'm so used to huge bags. that's what i like/fits my lifestyle regardless of what is in/out.

    i personally like the black, however imho, the indy is a very trendy bag. i wouldn't plunk down the cash (unless i could afford it, of course) on this bag if i wanted something that was a classic.

    that said, the bag is killer.
  3. The bag is hot! If it was in my range I would get it.
  4. Thanks for your responses and I have an update. I almost bought the purse but it was in the most upsetting way. Tell me what you think....

    This Saturday I was out with my fashionista sisters (susieserb on this forum included) shopping at Saks and naturally I gravitated toward the Gucci section. One sister had just purchased a Ferragammo tote in a gold/silver color - very cute. I wanted her imput on the large Indy. We were all trying both sizes of the Gucci on and I decided that if I ever had the dough to fling around I would get the large. It IS awfully trendy. A young wet-behind-the-ears male SA approached and hit me with a hard sell:

    "You could order in the large black one from another store. Then when it comes in you can decide if you want to keep it. I will ring it up on Thursday when we are having a gift card special so that you will qualify for the $150 card towards a future purchase. But I will need your credit card NOW because stores won't send merchandise unless it is purchased. And if you decide to return the bag you can STILL KEEP THE GIFT CARD."

    I was speechless. This seems very shifty to me. He was really pushing and I was sweating it. MEANWHILE - another SA comes up to our little group and starts loudly berating me. She is a woman I have dealt with frequently in the past from another department - trendy clothes. She is always there and has given me a sob story about how she has to work at her age to pay for the insurance for her much older husband. I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth! All this stuff about how fickle I am and how I was cheating on her etc. SO RUDE! I meekly exclaimed that I wasn't aware that she could help me with purses. She reacted like I was an imbecile.

    Then the young guy wouldn't let me walk away so pretty much to get rid of him I give him my card planning to bail once the bag came in. Imagine - another trip to this hell hole! Instead I had susieserb cancel the purchase while we were driving home in the car. She pretended to be me - LOL! What a chicken I am.

    Now I never want to go to this store again but this is ridiculously unrealistic given the lack of venues in my neck of the woods. I seem unable to follow my own advice to another unfortunate badly treated poster on this board and to squeal on the jerky SA's to management. I don't want to get anybody fired. Someone suggested to tell the woman in no uncertain terms that I would never buy from her again and that she is lucky I won't go to management.

    Any ideas for a spineless coward??

    And now I am too ashamed to even look at an Indy except at

    Oh I almost forgot (Is there no end to my story???). The SA that sold my sister the Ferragammo witnessed some of the very public exchanges from her section and trotted over to give HER two cents worth - griping in an aside not heard by me that she couldn't understand why I didn't use HER for any Gucci purchase since I had just been over to her area first! Plus she claimed that Gucci's hold up badly compared to other purses! Sheesh.

    A POX on commission selling!!!!!:cursing: