Indy black suede w/ purple/red patent leather...(pics before it gets return)

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  1. Hi all! I'm new and I just wanted to introduce myself...and bring picture presents...Enjoy.

    Here is the black suede Indy with purple/red patent leather trim and silver accents.

    I really loved this bag but wasn't 100% sold when I saw the handle. The silver leather looked cheap to me compared with the rest of the bag's fabulousness. The black suede was really oh so beautiful. I think if the silver leather were silver/metal hardware instead I would have kept it. Anyways its going back on Monday...I decided to replace my loss with a Louis Vuitton Mahina XL in Noir.

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  2. awww it is pretty... thanks for sharing pics. Great eye candy!! the mahina is TDF as well.....
  3. Too bad she is really pretty :sad: But your Mahina is really really gorgeous :nuts:
  4. Thank you Miss Piggy, I think I will get more of use out of the Mahina so I can get my money's worth. lol.
  5. too bad
    my sis has this bag and its really a wow bag
  6. great bag