Indy Bag

  1. Okay those of you Indy Bag owners tell me what you think of the bag
    and well it wears. I am thinking about getting one. The bag is so striking.
  2. i love mine! It def is an eye-catcher. Not great for shopping, because it's hard to get in and out of... but if you are going to pick up a few things at a one stop shop, you'll do fine. the handles aren't that bad, and i switch up the way i carry it. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I tried one on at Nieman's tonight in cream/beige leather. It was stunning. I was first looking at the gorgeous smooth black leather - SOOO soft! Very pretty, but after trying both on - and having the sales lady try them on too - we (and several customers) concluded the cream was much more striking. It's on my wish list.
  4. Its nice, I didn't keep mine Gucci actually had the Mink Indy on sale!