1. Has anyone shopped here before or what do you think about the authenticity?

    Thanks so much - any opinion welcome please!
  2. I recently received a bag from this site. All authenticity markings indicate that the Gucci bag I got was real. It also came with authenticity cards and a sleeper bag. The sleeper bag has all the correct markings and serial numbers too.

    But if anyone knows for sure, I would also like an answer to this question.
  3. I'm not sure, but I would never purchase from a site that charges a restocking fee. I think it's shady. This site charges 10%.

    butadaisy, you should post pics of your bag in the Gucci forum to see if your bag is real. There's an "authenticate this" thread where you can go.
  4. I would be careful shopping there.
  5. I wouldn't buy from a site that charges a restocking fee for returns. Restocking fees are such a sham!
  6. hi, sorry to dig up an old post but i didnt want to start a new one since this is here already :smile:

    has anyone found out for sure yet whether this site is real or fake?

  7. I'm not, but am suspect of websites that sell at a discount and use stock photos of the bags they sell.

    Why don't you ask them for photos of the actual bag you are interested in buying and post the photos in the appropriate authenticate this thread.

    Personally I would look elsewhere if they don't provide the photos requested.


  8. thanks! thats a great idea
  9. i wouldnt trust any site that discounts like that.
  10. The random 'authenticity guaranteed' seals that don't link anywhere are rather suspicious/strange. They no longer charge the restocking fee, but the 48 hours to return the item is quite short. Also, if you look at the top of your browser when you're on the site, it says "Wholesale coach at discount," and I've never heard wholesale used to describe authentic designer bags.
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    That website seems to be the same as that Sofa King Banned poster "exoticmystery" claimed was selling genuine bags and that has been talked about here all weekend. I wouldn't touch any of their junk with a 50-foot pole.

    indulgencehandbags was the previous eBay ID of trendsluxury whose eBay ID is NARU and who apparently sold a fake Balenciaga back in May or June:

    For those of you who don't believe in coincidence - here's the registered contact info from, right from the above post:

    Originally Posted by EVEXXX View Post
    here is their website registration info:

    Domain Name..........
    Creation Date........ 2007-12-25
    Registration Date.... 2007-12-25
    Expiry Date.......... 2010-12-25
    Organisation Name.... Dluxe Bags
    Organisation Address. 8605 Santa Monica Blvd #58463

    Admin Name........... Dluxe Bags
    Admin Address........ 8605 Santa Monica Blvd #58463
    Admin Address........
    Admin Address........ West Hollywood
    Admin Address........ 90069
    Admin Address........ California
    Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
    Admin Email..........
    Admin Phone.......... +1.8005140384

    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. West Hollywood
    Organisation Address. 90069
    Organisation Address. California
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Info is in the public domain.

    And here's the contact info from

    Indulgence Handbags
    PO Box 34628 #58463
    Seattle, WA 98124-1628
    United States


    I don't think so.
  12. is hosted by this company out of Tennessee.

    I'm going to check to see if I can email them about the illegal activities happening on their servers since that site appears to clearly violate's Terms of Service.
  13. And if anyone needs even more proof that IndulgenceHandbags is the same group of fakes-sellers as DluxeBags and connected to "ExoticMystery" - who also sold on iOffer, BTW and is probably still selling there under another name - the contact information on the IndulgenceHandbags website has been changed since my previous post. The entire " PO Box 34628 #58463" line that connected the two sites by the fake PO Box number has completely disappeared, and now just reads
    Indulgence Handbags
    Seattle, WA
    United States

    instead of the previous one from just 2 days ago:
    Indulgence Handbags
    PO Box 34628 #58463
    Seattle, WA 98124-1628
    United States

    And most of the "Coach" styles that were for sale on the now-vanished DluxeBags site have now appeared at - another coincidence? Yeah, riiiiight.
  14. I recently asked them for pictures of the actual bag I will be getting eg, serial tag close ups ect. In which they did reply and discreetly refused.
    Their reply:

    Hi Ophelia the pictures on the website are the actual bag you will be receiving - we do not provide more pictures, as don't 99.9% of other online stores, The bags are neatly packaged in our warehouse, for us to pull it, take all these extra pictures of it etc takes time - time equals money - which means our overhead goes up and as a result our product prices go up - not to mention that to take detailed pictures the bag has to be handled alot which can leave fingerprints on hardware, possible scratches etc so no we won't do that.