Indulge me, please! Wearing a scarf...S'Mom's way

  1. Ok....because SoCal asked to see how one could wear a scarf without really going "by the book", here's how a regular joe with absolutely no scarf-tying ability can pull it off. Be kind.....I don't want to hear raucous laughter all the way over here in California.....

    I've got a white cotton tank top on under all this stuff.'s "Descoupages" that I just bought with a pretty old and beloved dark brown leather jacket. Put two opposite points of sharf together in the center, bunch it up and wrap around your neck. Then tie it but don't make a knot.

    Then there's "Bolduc" and a fairly schmancy leather jacket with a large collar I don't wear too often. Same way as above for tying the scarf.

    And then we have a Pointu scarf which I can't remember the name of but that I wear a lot with a black raincoat. Just throw the scarf around your neck and tie the two ends in a knot. Voila!

    And here's Shopmom in a very casual moment with "Pavements" and my good ol' Levi's jacket from the day of the Flood. Can't remember how I tied this scarf but honestly it was nothing special. Probably the same as the first two.....
    _MG_2776scarf1.jpg _MG_2777scarf2.jpg _MG_2780scarf3.jpg _MG_2783scarf4.jpg
  2. Oh, man, D. You just reminded me I owe Rose some pics of my wearing Josephine.:shame:

    I didn't forget Rose! Just been busy with laundry, which I am so anal about I don't even like to send things to the cleaners unless I absolutely have to do so. It's a sickness, I know.:s

    This is a great idea for a thread, D! I love their scarves. They're like wearable works of art.:love: You fold them one way they look entirely different than when you wear them some other way.
  3. And a few more.....

    Ok, this is "Les Petits Metiers" the plisse I just bought and I am LOVING this color story (Pistachio.....who would have thought?) with a brown jacket I wear with jeans alot. Just wrap the scarf around your neck and tie knot.

    And here it is in another way....(I really love these plisse's)

    Now here's Shopmom having to look a little more....professional with a vintage beauty called "Le Foret" and my long velvet "riding jacket". Bunch the scarf horizontally and just tuck in the jacket.

    And last but not least for those Spring/Summer days, here's "En Desordre" and a white linen Donna Karan jacket. Bunch up the scarf diagonally and then just tie in a knot.

    And that's all I'm off to browse eBay for more vintage scarves!!!!! ;)
    _MG_2786scarf5.jpg _MG_2787scarf6.jpg _MG_2788scarf6.jpg _MG_2792scarf7.jpg
  4. You look so elegant! Thank you for sharing all the different looks. The scarf really adds a feminine touch and looks FABULOUS with that leather jacket!

  5. :popcorn:
  6. What does that make me????!!!!!!

    A country yokel with a pillow case around her neck!:blah:

    Ha, Shopmom, you are TRES TRES CHIC!!!! Love the way you wear the scarves. Thank you for posting those great pics!:heart:

  7. Rose....this is too hysterical!!!!
  8. I envy you S'mom! You are one of those people who can look so effortlessly chic. Me, I am studying tying patterns and try to follow them best I can and end up looking OK. You, you just 'bunch up' and look stunning! Sigh....
    You look great girl!
  9. Naaaa Hello......just bunch the dang thing up. Really! Bunch it up, baby. Bunch it up, throw it around your neck with some kind of knot and go.....I swear, it works.......:yes:
  10. Laugh????Why should anyone look great in those pics my dear!!:yes: The ones i love more are:2,3,5,6,7,8...gorgeous!!:nuts: :heart:
  11. You look great D.!! I love the way you wear those scarves...By the way, I love the brown leather jacket in the first pic, just my cup of tea!!;)
  12. that one in Italy.....I think we were in Ravenna!!!! I'm so lazy that I never even replaced the missing button! Oiy.......
  13. Shopmom.. You look great!!! i love each and every scarf you modeled.. Amazing, from now on ill look at H scarfs differently.. WOW!
  14. thanks, shopmom!
    i am new to the forum, but everytime i log on to the hermes site,
    i learn something new, whether it is about bags or wallets or
    accessories or scarves and how to wear them.
    i love it here! :heart:
  15. Every look is fabulous! I don't know what you're talking about!! Just awesome!!