Indoor Kitties Get Outdoor Time

  1. I am tired because I just spent the last two hours setting up a outdoor enclosure for my indoor kitties.! Has anyone every tried this kind of thing with their indoor cats? Has it made them less likely to bolt in you open the door?

    The pictures are from the Costco website, where I also purschased it from.
    cat 1.jpg cat 2.jpg
  2. Excellent idea. Maybe I will give that a try. Those are Birman's right? They are gorgeous! I have a Persian myself..
  3. Well, so far so good with it except for one thing. There are snap at the bottom to connect the pieces, and cat is so smart... he just paws at it until he open the snap! Rascal!

    Those are not my kitties above, though they are beautiful. Here are mine: Ferdinand and Snowy!
    Snowy.jpg Ferdinand.jpg
  4. That picture of your cat, I'm assuming the orange tabby is Ferdinand, is hilarious! The way he is laying with his feet out like that! I've never seen mine do that!

    So do they enjoy that outdoor thing? My cats are going to be moving from being indoor/outdoor cats, as they were all barn cats/strays that we took in and we live on a lot of land and they like to run in the yard, but they're goign to now be completely indoor but I'm wondering if something like that might work to at least let them go out. But I bet mine would undo the snaps too... Let me know how it works with them!
  5. Your cats are so cute!
  6. What a neat idea! I bet my girls would love that! They watch at the door when we take our new puppy out, I keep thinking they are jealous that he gets to outside and they don't!
  7. That is totally cute! I put my Sphynx on a Kitty leash and take her out every evening. She loves to explore!
  8. I have a lot of cats (with my 2 new babies it adds up to 8!) and they are mostly indoor with occassional outdoor privileges. I have one word for you: FLEAS. Even if your kitties are only outside occassionally they are at risk. So you may want to consider investing in some Frontline! With only 2 cats it won't be too expensive, and it's worth it.
  9. LOL My cat is hairless, that is the only reason she gets to go outside!!!! :smile:
  10. ^^^I would love to have hairless cats but my DH is a little freaked out by them. Guess how much hair 8 cats produce? Answer: A LOT!!!!
  11. I don't think my SO would be freaked out with a hairless cat because I convinced him on the hairless rat!
    The reason I bought the structure is that we recently adopted our dog, which I believe is upsetting to our boy Ferdinand (who is in what we call "Frog Man" position in the picture). He has been bolting out the door now whenever it is opened and we get worried. Instead of this structure, in the future I want to look into those huge, almost chicken pen like structures. I have seen them on the internet, just put kitty furniture in there and you're ready to go. I'm also trying to put them to leashes attached to a post.
  12. I don't have cats, but I think what you did is a great idea!
    Your cats are so lucky to have such a thoughtful mom:smile:

    I have the dog carseat that the brand Kittywalk makes (they are the brand your enclosure is made by, right??)

    I love it...keeps my two little chihuahuas safe and secure in the car:smile:
  13. That is a great idea. Plus your kitties are so cute.
  14. Thank you! I think so too!;)
  15. I have the Kitty Walk,I have a Ragdoll named Tasha, she is 2 years old, she hates being in it, she sits there crying all the time, so you have to sit with her, while she is in it. Tasha is an indoor cat and doesn't like being outside, I brought it for her cause I thought it would be good for her to get some fresh air :smile:, so that was $500 wasted and 2 hours of my time, I don't mind though, she still is my little girl :smile: