Indoor flashless photos of another RH EB City

  1. Offered to augment rather than compete with the other superb Electric Blue bags that are now popping up.

    I think the blue looks too dark in these photos. The real colour is more attractive to my eyes. In some lights it is soft and subtle, in others bright, royal blue but tending a wee bit towards peacock tones maybe???

    Really well made bag. Lovely thin strong leather, with a strong but subtle sheen and fine even overall distressing.
    RIMG0547-pf.jpg RIMG0548-pf.jpg RIMG0549-pf.jpg RIMG0550-pf.jpg RIMG0551-pf.jpg
  2. I love the vibrancy of the first pic!!
  3. :love:.. EB Blue for blue day....:love:

    (Note: In the country I am from, blue is the symbol colour of friday. It doesn't mean "blue mood") :sweatdrop:
  4. Lovely blue! i really like it
  5. :wtf: Gorgeous! That first picture made my eyes pop - what a fantastic colour!
  6. I think that that one gives a pretty good idea of how the bag looks in indoor lighting.
  7. I am LOVING all these new EB photo's!!! They're coming fast now!! It's beautiful, congats!
  8. Fascinating and how appropriate for today - where do you come from?
  9. Jenova: your first pic is making all my EB dreams come true! Really lovely! Congrats!!!
  10. You are all too sweet with your kind comments. I wasn't going to buy a bag at all this spring as my life has fallen apart rather so I am very happy that it has turned out to be on that I really adore.
  11. OOh Jenova, sooo beautiful, yes a touch of Peacock and also I see where the 'electric' part of the name comes from..almost like it has a light behind it..
  12. [​IMG]

    ^^Talk about creaming your jeans! LOL!

    Congrats on your beyond-gorgeous EB city! This color is hot hot hot!
  13. Quilter I think that you have a poetic soul - how lovely!
  14. YIPPPEEEEE!!!!

    Today is EB unveiling day across this forum!

    Your pics are fab, you can really see the depth even in darker lighting. Thanks for sharing, girl!
  15. I'm from taiwan, jenova:smile: