Indonesian "Tree" Man


    He has an unknown skin disease. >_<

    Please post links/sources in English please. Also the link you posted crashed my browser twice. Thanks- Roo
  2. I heard this on tv a few hours ago. I changed the channel immediately coz I didnt want to see any graphic that I couldn't take.
  3. Thank you Sarah!
  4. Your welcome Roo.

    I googled him and did see a tiny pic of him. I didnt dare to click on any links, afraid I see something I couldn't stomach.
    I do feel sorry for the man. Seeing him, it's a sign that God can do whatever he likes, including creating this disease that is so odd for us to see. I do hope that this man can be cured. He is only 35.
  5. I can't look....
  6. It's a form (a SEVERE form) of the human papalomia virus, something akin to herpes. Where I live, there are two sisters who have a simular disease, one had extensive surgery to remove the growths from her face and hands. Both she and her sister are the most loving people I know. I think about what they must endure everytime I hear people freaking out about a pimple. I guess "But for the Grace of God go I" fits here.

    I do hope this gentleman gets what he needs to have a normal life.
  7. Okay, I had to search for a pic, I couldn't help myself, and OMG!!! that's pretty insane. I don't know how he even functions. So hopefully now they know what it is, they can treat it.
  8. That poor man!

    The picture isn't too graphic. If anything, you automatically feel some sympathy for him.
  9. i hope the doctor can get the necessary funding needed to cure/treat this man.
  10. Wow, my brother told me about this story and I had a hard time believing it when he told me verbally! I feel so bad for this man, but he appears to be living as happily as he can. I hope he can get the treatment he needs to live a normal life again.
  11. This is so sad :sad: poor guy.
  12. The picture really isn't graphic at all, it just looks like he's wearing something as opposed to the fact that it's actually growing out of him. Poor guy though... um... while I was searching for a picture another article said he may be denied treatment in the US?

    What is graphic is a picture of a baby with harlequin ichytosis (I may have spelt that wrong)... once I was reading a paper online and it said something about a harlequin baby, I clicked it and I had a nightmare that night about having a harlequin baby... and I thought poor babies... I felt so guilty, if I did have one I think i'd be really distressed and I wouldn't know if I could love something that scares the hell out of me. Sorry... i'm going so off topic here, but it seemed kind of related and the dream was kind of recent, and it's still distressing.
  13. okay I had to look this up too and jesus!!! That is soooo sad. And yes scary! I mean, what do you even do... I don't know if I could handle that.