Indonesian person needed !!!

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone speak Indonesian ?

    I reallly really REALLY need help with something.
    I need someone to interpret for me over the phone.

    Please,please PM me if you can speak Indonesian and can donate me 5 minutes of your time...please??? :sad:
  2. anyone? ;[
  3. I can speak Malay, similar to indonesian, PM me and maybe I can translate them for you.
  4. i PMed you 26 minutes ago :shrugs:

    i speak Malay too :yes:
  5. i do.. pm me if u need help :heart:
  6. HI! THANK U ALL FOR RESPONDING, I JUST ASKED YEUXHONNETS FOR HER HELP, if she can't do it then I will ask the next person. lol Thank you everyone!!!!
  7. I am Indonesian, if you still need help translating something, I'm here.
  8. Another Indonesian is here ..
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