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  1. One of the many amazing indie designers highlighted on Squidoo's Cool Indie shop of the day - I am posting a new thread about this brilliant designer because her jewelry is IMHO cool, elegant, and not something you see every day :biggrin:
    LeeAnn Herreid - you're awesome!

    Compasses, chain mail, grommets, hardware, rulers, diamond dust etc - not the usual material your jewelry is made of :biggrin:

    Please check out her simply brilliant site:

    PS I hope this is not constituted as spam as I live thousands of miles away from Ms Herreid and had not heard of her until a few days ago :smile:
  2. You spend way too much time online!:roflmfao:

    You can find this person's work at uncommon goods too.
  3. Sea4e, I had an op in 2001 and some people on another forum thought I'd gone to get the keyboard removed from my fingers :biggrin:

    3 am, football's on, it's Saturday today already so ... more surfing to do :biggrin:

    Thanks for the tip about Uncommon Goods.
  4. I hope your operation went well. I spend way too much time on the Internet myself!:biggrin:
  5. Thanks, sea4e. The op went very well, which is why I am still around nowadays :biggrin:

    PS I've actually reduced my time on the internet - believe it or not!!
  6. I love those ruler cuffs they have! I am always looking for a ruler to measure the length of earrings. I would wear that everyday so I would never miss it. (Well, except that my fashionista friend would have a fit and make me take it off because "nothing goes with everything, dahhhrling"...or so she says!) lol
  7. Those are awesome! I love the thermometer necklace and the level earrings. LOL
  8. Ladies, at my age, the necklace with the magnifying glass would come in really handy. :biggrin:
  9. lol p.

    I'd wear the ruler cuff bracelet but I wonder if my husband would get a complex.:lol:
  10. I need the magnifying glass too!:lol:
  11. See...functional and useful! Who ever said that jewelry was a frivolous and impractical purchase... ;)
  12. Different
  13. Thanks for the link! :flowers:

    My hubby is into unique cufflinks and he happens to be into building/woodworking, so I bought him:

    The 2nd pair will go great with an Hermes tie I bought him that has a nuts & bolts print!!! :biggrin:

    I don't know if he'll wear the first pair (the color may be a bit much for him), but the price was reasonable enough where I won't feel offended if they sit in his valet.

    I'm loving the chainmail bracelet/cuff too. :yes: (for me, not DH. ;) )
  14. Passerby - you really are so great at finding cool, unusal stuff. Don't stop my friend!
  15. Yea, I like the second pair better than the first as well. You have to have just the right outfit to wear the first pair of cufflinks, me thinks! :smile: