~~~*Indigowater's Growing Collection*~~~

  1. Here's my growing collection:

    Back: Leather Soho Hobo, Signature Zip Satchel, Large Signature Carly
    Middle: Pleated Hobo, Large Signature Flap, Soho Twill Striped Tote
    Front: Legacy Stripe Wristlet, Alicia Sunglasses, Scarf Print Cosmetic Bag

    T Charm

    Legacy Scarf
  2. bumping. . . not sure if you saw this was approved a couple of days ago or not ;)

    GREAT collection!
  3. I love your Carly:yes:
  4. Thanks Swanky! Lol. It just wasn't showing up to me. :p Thanks for the bump. :yahoo:
  5. Thanks! It's my favorite. :tup:
  6. Great Coach collection!
  7. ^Thanks! That means alot coming from you. :tup:
  8. I love the carley and the scarf is a great touch...
  9. I absolutly adore your carly
  10. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks all! :biggrin:
  12. Very nice collection- love the scarf
  13. ^ Thanks!
  14. i love the colors in the soho twill striped tote
  15. That pleated hobo is stunning, I'm just sucker for white bags :p