Indigo workbag RH still available??

  1. I terribly missed this nice Indigo workbag with RH on RDC.....:cursing:I could have
    kicked myself...I did actually.

    It sold before I could ask a question.

    Is there a possibility, that somehow a bag like that shows up again?

    Did that happen to anyone else??
    Maybe on E**y or when you went shopping at NM or Barneys>??:nogood:

    Tell us your story:
    Hopefully a bag like that comes across me, I will sell my house for it.:okay:
  2. Oh shucks- anything is always possible- you just have to have your guard up constantly - email RDC and let her know your wishlist and she'll give ya a head's up if she comes across one!

    I am now looking for an HG of mine....and in the midst of a Chanel spell I ignored a Turq 05 City on *bay .... how stupid was that!!!! :crybaby::noggin:
  3. hey, post in the shopping forum pls... you might get quicker responses. i had the chance cos i was talking with Corey about getting another blue bbag but i couldn't possibly have 'em all. you could also email your wishlist bbags. good luck.
  4. Yes, i know, somehow it will come across....
  5. :yahoo:

    Now i found a blueberry work RH....I am so excited...:sweatdrop: