Indigo?? Which leathers....

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  1. Trying to figure out a possible SO -- I never keep any black H bags for some reason but am a fan of indigo - maybe if I SO an indigo birkin it would work better for me! Which leathers does it come in?? I have seen in VL but would love pics or ideas of others...thank you!:tup:
  2. Oh....I wonder if it comes in box.. would be so stunning...
  3. It comes in Vache liegee, chevre, box, Fjord, clemence, and togo.
  4. Barenia!!! If you can find it....
  5. ^^^How could I forget that!?
  6. Great minds think alike, shoes! pm-ing you....
  7. Epsom too....
  8. Thank you girls!! I did ask about barenia but the SA didn't seem to know -- I was thinking box...didn't know it comes in chevre??!! Possibility there lol...hmmm!!! Thanks all...I was thinking this or another blue but have the brighton bolide...and wanted a bag darker than BJ -- was it ever figured out about thalassa??
  9. blue marine?
  10. Navy blue is not currently in production.
  11. Shoes!! Here's my Indigo Fjord Kelly 35cm w/Palladium HW.
  12. sorry to hear that... it's such a beautiful color in box
  13. Thank you lh!!! That is a beauty...oh dear so many choices -- but I do think this might be a good color for me esp. because of ordering it and taking time - plus you really don't see too many around that would tempt me in the meantime on e-bay..(to keep me good lol!)...hmmmm
  14. Yes it does. It looks so pretty!
  15. ^^yes...indigo is available in box...I checked last week.