Indigo Twiggy on Ebay!!

  1. Wow ... is it rare enough to warrant a $1,425 BIN price?
  2. Ha,:nuts: that use to be mine. Im thinking $1425 is way too high for it. I guess it all depends on how bad you really really want it:girlsigh: .
  3. ^^ I agree. It's pretty, but IMO it better walk my dog and cut the yard for that price!

    But if it's a HG, that's another thing completely of course ;)
  4. I love how she says the handles are darkening "a little" and dosent mention the 2 ink marks at the top by the zipper. Suppose thats why the pics of the handles are cut off.
  5. Someone should ask her if there are flaws she hasn't mentioned! That's so deceiving!
  6. Well- it's sold!
  7. Well, I guess the price was right!